Dems: “Vote Our Way Or Else!”

That’s how the Chicago Tribune editorial board summarizes JB Pritzker’s Lt. Governor’s threat that everyone’s income taxes will have to be hiked 20%, if his “Fair” tax constitutional amendment is not passed.

Here’s what was written:


Dems: “Vote Our Way Or Else!” — 11 Comments

  1. The how all democrats operate, do what we want or else.

    Just look how worked up they are getting because the president has nominated a supreme court justice, just like the constitution says.

    They say don’t do it or we will destroy the court and maybe the senate and electoral college.

    They are a bunch of bullies who think they are smarter than everyone else and should be allowed to tell everyone what to do.

  2. I remember Republican Governor James Thompson raising taxes, after saying state finances are solid.

    Democratic challenger, Adlai Stevenson III, warned us not to believe Thompson. ☹️

  3. So they are admitting that they are spending 20 percent more than they are taking in?


    That is very irresponsible.

    I can’t imagine someone wanting to give them a blank check with this progressive tax.


    ITS just sickening…

    the sky is falling the sky is falling…

    Control FREAKS..


  5. While running for State Comptroller I checked with the Budget Bureau every month on the state’s financial situation.

    It was fine through my early September contact.

    The economy went south after that.

    I was too busy to check in early October.

  6. Solution.

    The State should drastically cut spending year over year for the next 10 years.

    Eliminate State jobs.

    Consolidate jobs.

    Cut salaries, especially those over $100K per year and use the “graduated” scheme to cut very high salaried jobs.

    The more a government employee makes, the greater the cut.

    A half million per year salary should be cut by a greater percent than a $200K per year salary.

    Eliminate programs and departments that are not absolutely necessary.

    Every department, every program in the State MUST justify its existence and operational costs.

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