Message of the Day – A Flag

Found my first Joe Biden for President flag.

It’s flying from a pole on a Lake Avenue tree in Crystal Lake.

Joe Biden flag.

I had hoped to share flags from the Fox River Trump Boat Parade, but no one has sent in photos.


Message of the Day – A Flag — 10 Comments

  1. Makes Plugs look like he got a new hair transplant for the Debate.

    And yeah, more of a Stone than a Biden.

  2. Biden’s head ain’t shaped like that.

    He’s the Malarkey Mephistopheles.

  3. Malarkey means foolish talk.

    Biden has trouble putting together coherent sentences, and he’s no honest Abe.

    So I would expect plenty of malarkey in a Biden administration.

    What I have a bigger problem with than the malarkey is the foolish action.

    Imagine when every federal prosecutor and judge in this country is like those communist terrorist sympathizers in Portland.

    Rioters are quickly released without bail, and then they do more violence.

    Biden could make that happen. There will be no voting with your feet. Everywhere will be like Minneapolis and Seattle.

    Imagine when the supreme court “interprets” the Constitution in such a way that you’ll go to jail for making an offensive joke and you can no longer own guns.

    That’s what they want, and that’s what happens in Europe.

    Imagine skyrocketing energy prices and rolling blackouts.

    Imagine massive unemployment.

    Imagine going back to Obama’s foreign policy (did you know that there are more slaves today than in any point in history thanks to Obama taking out the leader in Libya).

    Imagine greatly increasing the amount of refugees and immigrants, because you think the less a country’s people have in common with each other the *stronger* and *more* functional and safer it will be?

    Not to mention the already high unemployment rate…

    Biden/Harris would be a disaster.

  4. Re Correcting.

    Not “Biden/Harris would be a disaster”, but “Harris/Biden would be a disaster”. She said Harris/Biden a few weeks ago and Biden repeated that. If Americans are foolish enough to elect this duo, it will be Harris running things behind the scene, pulling strings. Expect the doddering dementia Biden to not serve out first term and Harris would formally take over.

    Want a clue about how Harris would govern? She is the most far left wing Democrat in the Senate. Also, look at her vicious questioning of Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh in public hearings and her treatment of other candidates in the 2019 Democrat presidential debates.

    Americans of good will can contemplate an ultimate “disaster”, a Hell in the US, starting in 2021 IF: Harris/Biden wins, Democrats retain control of the House, Democrats win the Senate.

    Imagine the wretched Pelosi and equally wretched Schumer in control of Congress and Harris running the presidency.

  5. So, so many things very alarming about Joe Biden’s history and the policy ideas he has expressed if he were somehow elected in November. Besides his recklessness and incompetency during the Obama Administration, Biden has a very bad personal record including plagiarism in college, making racist comments and violating womens’ spaces including a charge by a former woman aide of his.

    Tara Reade, an aide to Senator Biden, claimed that Joe used his fingers to violate her. When you look at years of TV news videotape, Joe has been shown many, many times violating womens’ spaces and making unwanted touches. A definite pattern over many years so Tara Reade’s claim is plausible.

    Biden has been on national tv, on videotape, smooching women on their face cheek, on the back of their neck, smelling their hair, nose to nose touching, putting his arm around them HIGH above their waist, etc. He has even done this to young girls such as daughters of Democrat politicians. It is amazing that some father of a girl had not moved to protect his daughter after Joe had touched the girl.

    One can easily see that the women are uncomfortable with Joe’s behavior. Joe by no stretch of the imagination is someone that a girl or woman wants any contact. It’s not like he is an attractive young big movie star or young athlete. He is a balding old man. A doofus and buffoon that likely now has a mental problem or dementia.

    In 2020, Joe had taken to insulting Americans face to face. At a campaign stop last February, he told a 21 year old woman college student that she was a “Lying Dog Faced Pony Soldier”. At a campaign stop in Michigan he told a worker that he was full of s***. At another campaign stop, he insulted a man and challenged him to do pushups.

    Joe also has a long history of making racist remarks. One of his most famous was in early 2007 when he insulted all African Americans by saying that then Senator Obama was the FIRST African American who was clean and articulate. This came straight from the heart and mind of Joe years before he started showing signs of dementia. Amazingly, the Democrat Party did not ask for his immediate resignation from the Senate and the mostly left wing media gave him a pass.

    It is so unfortunate that the Democrat Party offers such an abominable candidate as Joe Biden.

  6. Literally every word you just wrote describes Trump, the $750 man who bows to Putin on everything.


    Will Trump ever submit his DNA like a court ordered him to in the E. Jean Carroll case?

    Will he ever stop talking about finding his own daughter hot or a piece of what he called her on the Howard Stern show?

    Will he submit to drug testing or a psychology/dementia test?

    Can he walk up ramps or hold water with one hand?

    Probably not, because he’s a projecting chicken.

    Stop believing reality TV shows, he’s broke, not a billionaire.

  7. Bountygate, tell your same sex husband you did good today blogging against ‘homophonic fascists.’

    Can’t wait for BLM thugs to ‘take care’ of you.

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