Minnesota Congresswoman Must Vacate Seat While Another Implicated in Voter Fraud Investigation Video

James O’Keefe
Angie Craig

Ballot Harvesting voter fraud uncovered by Project Veritas

The past week has seen a whirlwind of political activity in the state of Minnesota above and beyond what would be expected six weeks away from the General Election. Indeed, two stories emerging that will impact the fall election in Minnesota.

Congresswoman Angie Craig Must Vacate Her Seat Due to Death of Third Party Candidate

Last Monday, congressional candidate Adam Weeks passed away suddenly. Weeks was the nominee of the Legal Marijuana Now Party, and while a 3rd party, it is considered a “major party” (“established party” in Illinois speak) under Minnesota law.

Because Weeks’ death occurred within 80 days of the General Election, Minnesota law kicked in and mandates a special election to fill the congressional seat on February 9, 2021, and any votes cast in the 2nd congressional district election this fall will not be counted.

Because of the special election, freshman Congresswoman Angie Craig (D, MN-02) must vacate her congressional seat when the 116th Congress adjourns in late December. The seat will be vacant at the start of the 117th Congress on January 3, which means the new House of Representatives will begin the next congressional session with no more than 434 members.

Tyler Kistner

Republican nominee Tyler Kistner, along with Congresswoman Craig, will be on the ballot for the February 9 special election.

MN-02 was flipped by Craig in 2018, and was a district which voted for Donald Trump in 2016, won by Trump by 2 percentage points.

While the MN-02 is one of the 30 districts targeted by Republicans to flip in 2020, the main ratings services had this district rated as “Leans Democrat” (Cook) or “Likely Democrat” (Sabato).

With the MN-02 now a special election, it is unknown if the ratings will be changed, given turnout in a special election is significantly lower than a presidential election.

The winner of the special election will be sworn in shortly after the February 9 election.

The vacant MN-02 seat in January could be dicey in the very unlikely event the presidential election Electoral College yields a 269-269 tie, which would send the presidency to be decided in the House. State delegations decide how the 50 states’ votes for the presidency are cast, and with the 8-member Minnesota delegation down a member, the remaining 7 members will decide, and right now, the Democrats hold a 4-3 edge.

One district, MN-07, is highly competitive for this fall, so if the seat is flipped, the Republicans will have the edge in the state delegation. Likely won’t come into play, but still an oddity.

Project Veritas Uncovers Voter Fraud Through Ballot Harvesting

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe released video evidence of Voter Fraud, through Ballot Harvesting, taking place for the August 11 primary election, and Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D, MN-05) is implicated.

While Congresswoman Omar won her Democratic primary decisively over Antone Melton-Meaux on August 11 by 57-39 percent margin, whether the primary election will be tarnished, and possibly thrown out, will be up to a judge.

Minnesotan Mike Lindell of MyPillow fame tweeted the following video late Sunday afternoon:

Here is the video O’Keefe released Sunday night:

Late Sunday night, President Trump weighed in:

As Mike Lindell said, and as President Trump has been strongly arguing about Voter Fraud, it is real and November 3 is 5 weeks away.


Minnesota Congresswoman Must Vacate Seat While Another Implicated in Voter Fraud Investigation Video — 6 Comments

  1. Angie Craig, who did nothing illegal, must resign. ☹️

    Ilhan Omar, who probably engaged in illegal activities, remains in office. ☹️

    Minnesota is messed up! ☹️

  2. Why were these Somalis ever inundated on MN in the first place?

    Ask Dubya!

  3. Eddie, officially, Angie Craig is not resigning, but the seat is being vacated, and the MN-02 voters will not have representation in the House until mid February.

    Contingency is being set up for constituent services for the time the seat is vacant.

    As I said in the article, if a judge believes the evidence is compelling to throw out the Democratic primary election in the MN-05 district, then a new primary will be ordered for February 9 and MN-05 likely won’t be decided until April of next year as well, which will result in Ilhan Omar vacating her seat, too.

  4. John, Oh. It sounds bogus on Angie. 😐

    Ilhan’s Twitter implied voters could vote by mail and on Election Day. 😐

  5. Ilhan Omar also divorced get Somali husband, for her financial political guy, Tim Mynett. 😁

    Tim became Muslim and officiated their wedding. 😁

  6. her, not get

    Tim Mynett must really live Ilhan Omar, because White guys don’t convert to Islam much. 😐

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