IL-14: Lauren Underwood Launches New TV Commercial and Endorsements

Lauren Underwood
Jack Franks

Farm Team PAC has one glaring omission in its support of local candidatesJack Franks

Congresswoman Lauren Underwood, responding to her first candidates forum defeat over the weekend and to Republican challenger Jim Oberweis’ powerful TV commercial, has launched her 2nd TV commercial for the fall, called “Strong Advocate”.

The video for the new ad is not on YouTube, but can be viewed here. POLITICO broke the story of the new ad this morning, and included the link.

The ad is a positive ad, highlighting Underwood’s healthcare credentials amid COVID-19, and features former President Barack Obama. It also features this frame, again:

At Saturday’s forum, Oberweis openly challenged Underwood being truthful, and her continued use of the lie about “3 PIECES OF LEGISLATION SIGNED INTO LAW BY PRESIDENT TRUMP” some observers believe is Underwood’s play at Trump supporters in IL-14 to split their ticket.

Whole truth, as Daily Herald editorial endorsement of Underwood published:

“A few of her ideas — notably controls on insulin prices — have found their way into legislation President Donald Trump has signed.”

Daily Herald editorial endorsement of Underwood, 9/12/20


Given what the Daily Herald said, the claim in the TV ad looks a little different, doesn’t it?

But before you comment on the new ad, Underwood announced last week her Farm Team PAC had finished its endorsements of state and local candidates for fall.

Lauren Underwood

Jack Franks Omitted from Lauren Underwood Endorsements

From Lauren Underwood’s Farm Team PAC press release 9/23/20:


With early voting set to begin, Underwood has endorsed nearly 50 state and local candidates.

ST. CHARLES, IL — Congresswoman Lauren Underwood today announced her support for 18 additional candidates under her political action committee (PAC), the Farm Team PAC. One day prior to the beginning of early voting, Underwood has now thrown her support behind 45 candidates for state and local office in northern Illinois.

“From Wauconda to Warrenville, from Plainfield to Plano, we have extraordinary candidates running for state and local office across our communities. Today, I am so proud to endorse a group of 18 brilliant women.

“Though women represent more than 50 percent of our population, we represent only 25 percent of Congress and 29 percent of our nation’s state legislatures.

“Adding new and diverse voices to state and local offices will allow us to make progress on behalf of all northern Illinoisans. With the final day to vote just six weeks away, I hope voters will get to know the candidates I want on my team.”

Congresswoman Lauren Underwood, 9/23/20 press release


Underwood today announced her support for the following candidates:

  • Meg Loughran Cappel, Illinois State Senate District 49
  • Janet Yang Rohr, Illinois State House District 41
  • Kate Monteleone, Illinois State House District 50
  • Leslie Armstrong McLeod, Illinois State House District 64
  • Candice Adams, DuPage County Circuit Clerk
  • Margaret Peggy O’Connell, DuPage County Circuit Court Judge
  • Jill Otte, DuPage County Circuit Court Judge
  • Corinne Pierog, Kane County Board Chair
  • Jamie Mosser, Kane County State’s Attorney
  • Theresa Barreiro, Kane County Circuit Clerk
  • Mary Kay Crantz, Kane County Board District 10
  • Ruth Kuzmanic, Kane County Board District 12
  • Mary Murray, Kendall County Board District 2
  • Marnie Michelle Slavin, Lake County 3rd Subcircuit Court Judge
  • Jessica Phillips, McHenry County Board District 2
  • Elizabeth Vonau, McHenry County Circuit Court Judge
  • Kim Klein, McHenry County 4th Subcircuit Court Judge
  • Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant, Will County CEO


Jack Franks not only one giving “signs”

COMMENTARY: After rechecking Underwood’s Farm Team PAC’s previously announced endorsements, and with the most recent additions, it is confirmed: McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks (D, Marengo) was not included as part of Underwood’s farm team.

While the final candidates announced to have Underwood’s endorsement are all women, the Farm Team PAC has endorsed multiple men over the summer.

In the two other counties within IL-14 with at-large elections for their respective county board leaders this year, Underwood did endorse the Democrat nominees in both Kane and Will counties.

But not with McHenry County, the largest county of Underwood’s congressional district.

Amid the sexual misconduct allegations of Franks, Underwood has sent a message, short of demanding Franks’ resignation when the latest scandal was made public earlier this year:

She will not sully her name with the incumbent McHenry County Board chairman.

Another observation of two women also omitted from Underwood’s endorsement is in Kane County, where only 3 of the 5 Democratic women running for countywide office were endorsed.

Omitted were Democrat Penny Wegman, a first term Kane County Board member who’s challenging 2-term Kane County Auditor Terry Hunt’s reelection. Wegman is the daughter of 5-term Republican Kane County Recorder Sandy Wegman.

Underwood did not endorse the Democrat running against Recorder Wegman, who’s seeking a 6th term.

Yes, that is correct, mother is Republican and daughter Democrat running on the same ballot countywide.

Underwood is staying out of the Wegman family name game, attempting to insure the younger Wegman succeeds the elder Wegman, who’s in her mid-70s with the younger winning election countywide this year.


IL-14: Lauren Underwood Launches New TV Commercial and Endorsements — 14 Comments

  1. Liar – Deceiver – FAKE NURSE – Marxist – Racist – Hater Of America

  2. Gerhardt is just another jive monkey.

    He lost my vote.

    I won’t vote for his opponent though.

  3. Jack is terrible to have endorse as he would be an anchor to any campaign and there is no way Underwood wants to endorse Jack as that will damage his re-election chances.

    Every vote counts.

    Republicans need to fact check Jack publicly.

    “Tax Fighter” means Jack fights to push every single tax and fee he can think of or find.

    If the MCGOP can’t figure out a clever way to meme Jacks own sign against him they’re a failure at local politics.

  4. Underwood states:

    “Today, I am so proud to endorse a group of 18 brilliant women.”

    Eighteen women, only women, endorsed by Underwood? Were there no “men” candidates with qualifications for offices similar or better than any of the 18 women candidates? If there were men candidates equal or better in qualifications to the 18 women, was it sexist or racist to only endorse women candidates? Is Underwood just as hypocritical as Joe Biden who months ago said he would only consider a woman for VP rather than saying he would pick the most qualified person for VP regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion or sexual preference?

    Also, Underwood states:

    “Though women represent more than 50 percent of our population, we represent only 25 percent of Congress and 29 percent of our nation’s state legislatures.”

    So what? What’s the point? Is Underwood implying that there is a requirement, written in stone, that representation in political offices must match the proportionality of females/males in the U.S.?

    Perhaps the current proportion is what it is because many women choose NOT to run for political office. That may be “Choice”.

  5. Bred Winner, I hear what you are saying with how Underwood endorsed the last wave of candidates and all being women.

    But as I also pointed out in the article, the Farm Team PAC/Underwood endorsed several men (Woodstock Mayor Sager in the 63rd for example) earlier in the summer.

  6. McGOP is controlled opposition. Forget them.

    They led the way to the Underwoods and Franks and Acosta’s, and Wagners, and Section Eight hordes.

  7. These people are power hungry, but not completely politically stupid.

    They aren’t going to associate with Franks for obvious reasons.

    Acosta has been thrown under the bus by Ness for obvious reasons.

    John, thanks for the insight on that weird Kane County political family.

    This is proof (in case you all haven’t figured this out yet) that Democrats think about how to control the government YEARS in advance, often times multiple election cycles away.

    I find that Republicans, especially the ones high up in Illinois politics and McHenry County politics, are not strategic like that.

    It also sounds like more proof that Democrats and Republicans make certain agreements in private with each other.

  8. Jack has to list expired ‘endorsements’ on his Website.

    But you gotta hand it to him; he finally found someone who doesn’t mind the smell of corruption (probably can’t notice since she carries the same odor).

    And she doesn’t mind that Franks is under investigation for “Credible” allegations of sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking … etc.

    These two deserve each other.

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