IL-6: Tribune Endorses Ives for Congress

From the Chicago Tribune endorsement of Republican Jeanne Ives for Congress:

We start with a competitive race in the west and northwest suburbs between first-term Democratic congressman Sean Casten and Republican challenger Jeanne Ives, who came close to defeating Gov. Bruce Rauner in the 2018 gubernatorial primary. What we see in the Casten-Ives contest is what we long to see elsewhere in the Chicago area: A strong matchup. Competitive elections force candidates to be more accountable and transparent, and provide voters with the choices they deserve…

6th Congressional District

Chicago? It’s “de facto bankrupt,” says Republican congressional candidate Jeanne Ives of Wheaton.

The future of Illinois’ massive pension debt?

“I’m happy to let free-market economics play out and bondholders beware.

“What we did with Puerto Rico is we basically set up a superstructure and a way for them to come to terms and figure out a haircut,” she says.

Her bottom line: “People in Illinois can’t afford the taxes.”

Ives is a fiscal and social conservative, and a policy wonk, who effectively speaks the hard truths about government spending.

As a member of the Illinois House, she fought unbalanced budgets and unaccountable spending, and wasn’t afraid to take on corruption or one-party rule.

Ives is seeking to oust freshman Democratic Rep. Sean Casten of Downers Grove, who took the seat in 2018 from Republican Peter Roskam.

Casten says 6th District voters are pragmatic — pro-science and pro-markets — and in step with him.

Casten’s top priority is solving global warming, though he doesn’t support the progressive Green New Deal.

He wants to expand Obamacare but does not support a single, government provider of health care.

Also running is Libertarian Bill Redpath of West Dundee.

In this race, we side with Ives because of her sharp focus on government spending and her frank talk.

You might not like to hear from the disciplinarian in the room.

But Washington could use more hard truth-tellers. Ives is endorsed.


IL-6: Tribune Endorses Ives for Congress — 4 Comments

  1. Hope she decides to run for Governor when the mess of Illinois and the Democrats run it into the ground!

  2. I hope she stays in Congress and becomes a Senator down the line.

  3. Ives is a complete loon!!

    All Republicans are racists for supporting tax dodger and draft dodger Herr Trümpf.

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