Trump Sign Stolen in Lake in the Hills

From the Lake in the Hills Police Blotter comes the following:

When asked the sign stolen was said to be for Trump.

Don’t forget that a Biden sign was stolen in Harvard.


Trump Sign Stolen in Lake in the Hills — 8 Comments

  1. Most people don’t know the phone number, for the local fire station and/or police district. 🤔

    Sure, people can look it up but how many can or will? 🤔

  2. By mistake, I put a very caustic soda on my sign.

    Go ahead and steal it!

    See ya in the ER about 12 hrs later.

    Ooops, very insidious.

    ER docs aren’t well trained to recognize unusual, strong alkali burns, hope they figure out the neutralization before neuro damage.

  3. I keep those regular numbers on my phone.

    While I’ve had to call a few times over the years, nothing 911 worthy, so….

    But good to know.

    I should check if they have text #s too.

    Low power, low signal, jammed lines, texts often make it through, though sometimes slow.


  4. My Ives sign got ripped off.

    My video scanner caught the car and thief in the act.

    The Police said it was ‘a civil matter’.

  5. Overtaxed Senior, go straight to the Police Chief.

    Be the squeaky wheel if needed.

    I signed a formal complaint in 2012 and was even offered restitution from the court system after the sign thief was convicted.

  6. What town and please send me the video so we can try to post it.

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