IL-14: Race is Clearly Close and Footprints in Social Media Prove it

Lauren Underwood’s most Leftist supporters are worried as Jim Oberweis momentum grows

Jim Oberweis

In the hour plus prior to the first Presidential debate, the antics on Twitter has been growing significantly since late last week in the 14th congressional district.

Why? Because the effective TV commercial of Jim Oberweis has been a significant topic of conversation, and the Underwood campaign’s most Leftist supporters, the Indivisible chapters that are phone banking for Underwood, have started to troll me.

Since Underwood launched her fall campaign with the first virtual debate through the St. Charles Chamber of Commerce on September 1, McHenry County Blog has been publishing the truth, and applying discernment to Underwood’s claims, particularly Underwood has had 3 bills signed into law by President Trump.

Today, after seeing Underwood’s new commercial making the same claim, the John Lopez book of storytelling was opened, and time to apply the truth the McHenry County Blog has been publishing for some time about Underwood.

And after the Underwood/Indivisible trolls got me put in 12 hours of Twitter timeout yesterday through being locked out on a flimsy trumped-up rules violation, it was no more Mr. Nice Guy from John Lopez.

Call this meme discernment to tell the truth, titled “Lauren Underwood and the 3 Bills” using a familiar frame in Underwood’s first two TV commercials, and applying the truth.

Much of the information was published on the McHenry County Blog article of September 3, immediately after the Chicago Sun-Times editorial endorsement interview, but including the September 1 debate.

So what’s this about being put into Twitter timeout? At 11:50 AM CT on Monday, an email was received from Twitter:

So what was the specific rule violation again?

“You may not post content providing false information about voting or registering to vote.”

OK, not remembering posting any false information about voting or registering to vote, I submitted an online appeal shortly after Noon on Monday.

Here’s the response and the tweet in appeal:

So, a tweet that had nothing to do with voter registration or registering to vote is why my Twitter account was locked?

It was only a tweet reply about the Supreme Court vacancy after Senator Lisa Murkowski (R, AK) pointing out Murkowski was reelected to her 2nd elected term in 2010 as a write-in candidate after being successfully primaried.

And pointing out Murkowski did not say what she would do after Election day on November 3 concerning a possible post-Election Day Supreme Court confirmation vote.

So the first appeal was cancelled, and a 2nd appeal filed pointing out the inaccuracy of the decision, and asking to lift the lockout immediately.

Around 8PM CT, I cancelled the 2nd appeal, seeing Twitter was going to make me serve-out the entire lockout of 12 hours. As soon as I was allowed to login to my Twitter, before the lockout was lifted, I was forced to delete the Murkowski tweet reply.

So why am I suspecting Indivisible is behind this little dirty trick?

This is the last tweet I sent, shining the light of truth to an Indivisible phone banker for Underwood prior to 11AM CT on Monday:

My Twitter following is a very modest 970 followers, but quite a few of them retweet and/or like my tweets, but late last week, these two tweets had some significant number of interactions, first on late Thursday’s filing of the new bill in Washington to expand the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act to the Federal Labor Standards Act:

And this one from Sunday, after another Indivisible phone banker bragged about doing Sunday phone banking for Underwood:

Interactions, either in retweets and/or likes, of over 100 is nearing Catalina Lauf-level, and she has over 74,000 followers.

Oh well, it’s all part of campaigning in the fall of 2020, but once my Twitter ban was lifted, and after the meme was made, here is where it was debuted, responding to the Indivisible type who tried to use their attitude and Twitter to temporarily silence me for 12 hours:

May tonight’s Presidential debate be more entertaining.


IL-14: Race is Clearly Close and Footprints in Social Media Prove it — 22 Comments

  1. LOL – you think that the race is close because of a few people on twitter?

    That’s… REALLY not how this works.

    If you think it is so close… why are both the DCCC and NRCC not prioritizing this district in the same way they are prioritizing other tier 1 races?

  2. Also… Indivisible ≠ leftist.

    You continuing to say it is so doesn’t make it so.

  3. A fat woman addicted to shopping and eating doesn’t like Jim Oberweis.

    Got it. Thanks, John.

  4. Better start starching them spiral locks… cause we’s coming … buckwheat… especially when we know anything other than you can do a better job you gotta be baaaabaaaah baaaa…d

  5. Alabama Shake, you were thoroughly discredited defending Indivisible earlier this year, need more chastising?

    And that is before we get to the Soros-cash behind Indivisible chapters, and cheering everything Pelosi’s House has passed, and you call it normal?

    Boys participating in girls sport is normal (Equality Act, H.R. 5)?

    Public financing of campaigns (For the People Act, H.R. 1)? Enough said.

    DCCC/NRCC, I’ve already written about how 3rd party groups have made not made IL-14, and it was up to Oberweis to open his checkbook and write a check, which he did, and many commenters here thought his first TV ad was effective, and that is what made Underwood nervous.

    Underwood had her worst debate performance this past Saturday against Oberweis, and her supporters, and it’s more than 1 woman Correcting, got me locked out of Twitter for completely unrelated things, and some of her trolls (in particular a former Daily Herald reporter) started to troll me.

    That’s the sign of concern, and reveals a candidate who is not coasting to reelection.

    And Underwood has taken the Indivisible/Leftist lie that the violence and protests is result of “white supremacists” and militias.

    And a week after towing the party line at House Homeland Security committee meeting, she was named a House Homeland Security subcommittee chair, with two other vulnerable freshmen.

    So even if the NRCC/DCCC aren’t yet putting money directly into IL-14, the subcommittee chair appointment was a clear sign Pelosi’s leadership team felt Underwood needed protecting/boosting for November.

    No matter, as long as Oberweis follows up his September commercial with outstanding October mailings and TV ads, and remembering the 14th is a Trump district, this isn’t a walk in the park for Underwood.

    She fooled all of the newspapers, but will not fool the voters again.

  6. John,

    Some people get PAID to tow the party line.

    It’s literally their job to be sniveling little parasites that feed off of the scraps that are left behind by their overlords.

    They are incapable of looking at anything objectively, and just parrot everything that they are told to repeat.

    They end up believing it all after a while, since they can’t possibly tell themselves that they are lying; Thus they are forced to believe that they are speaking the truth.

    Not naming any names though.

  7. **you were thoroughly discredited defending Indivisible earlier this year, need more chastising?**

    LOL – if you say so. You have your own definitions of every word. If you think that Invisible is “leftist,” you don’t actually understand what the word leftist means.

    **many commenters here thought his first TV ad was effective, and that is what made Underwood nervous.**

    Ah, yes, many of the right-wing commenters thought it was effective.

    Definitely a good focus group.

    If you think the race is close – show me a poll.

    Not a couple of people on twitter.

    Hi Some Guy.

    Feel free to name me if you’d like, but you couldn’t be further from the truth. as per usual.

    You’d rather attack me rather than engage with the actual points of making.

    As per usual.

    But I’ll say it here.

    Underwood is going to win by at least 5 points.

    Casten is going to win by at least 10.

    But we’ll know who is right in 5 weeks.

  8. Loren doesn’t realize she isn’t in Danny Davis’s district. 😁✔️🔔

  9. AlabamaShake, haven’t learned your lesson yet, have you?

    OK, more proof on Indivisible being Leftist, using Lauren Underwood’s appearance before the Evanston chapter of Indivisible back in late February:

    Additionally, Underwood instructed those helping the campaign to maintain “awareness and discipline” when knocking on the doors of District 14 voters, who are generally not as liberal as many Evanston residents.

    “Speaker Pelosi has a lot of sayings, but one of the things that she always tells us is that the things you can say in San Francisco you can’t say Michigan, but what you can say in Michigan, you can say San Francisco; you’re San Francisco, I’m Michigan,” Underwood said.

    That portion of the article from February says it all. Please check out the entire article.

  10. What exactly in those comments make them leftist?

    Those comments simply mean say that you should be aware of what you’re saying at the doors based on what the makeup is of the district.

    Which is… **checks notes** … Campaign Door Knocking 101.

  11. “It was refreshing to hear someone who’s young, who can identify the problems and wants to work on both sides to solve the issues that all Americans need,” Cannon said.

    They’re so leftist, they want legislators to work with both parties!

  12. John Lopez, you cant reason with a lying propagandist like Alabama. He’s in some kind of abusive domestic situation. Does his same sex husband beat him? Or does his butt just hurt?

  13. Sooner or later the guns will sound.

    Indivisible is another Soros funded Open Society scams.
    Moony mooboy does not have the intellectual fortitude to name what America’s real problems are.

    I hope the cake eater wins if only to show people out here are waking up.

  14. **He’s in some kind of abusive domestic situation. Does his same sex husband beat him? Or does his butt just hurt?**

    Hi Overtaxed Senior.

    I hope you’re well.

    But you seem strangely (and very inaccurately) obsessed with my sex life and my personal life.

    You should talk to someone about that.

  15. It seems Senior struck a nerve.

    Sorry Alabama, you’re not fooling anybody.

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