Chicago Tribune Endorses Lauren Underwood

From the Chicago Tribune editorial page:

14th Congressional District

Congresswoman Lauren Underwood of Naperville, in her first term after taking the seat held by Republican Randy Hultgren, is a registered nurse who worked with the Obama administration on the Affordable Care Act.

This is a pretty good time to have a medical professional in Congress (the pandemic), but Underwood also made contributions on other health-related issues.

One of her bills signed into law makes lower-cost, generic insulin available to patients more quickly.

As for the future of health insurance, Underwood wants to fix struggling Obamacare and lower the Medicare eligibility age.

That’s a better starting point than wanting to make the U.S. government even bigger by becoming everyone’s insurer.

No thank you to that.

Underwood took on another issue important to constituents: agriculture.

When other Democrats showed little interest, she pushed to ensure farmers hurt by the trade war with China got the federal market protection payments they were promised.

The Republican challenging Underwood is a familiar face: state Sen. Jim Oberweis of Sugar Grove who has been a frequent candidate on the ballot.

He ran for the U.S. Senate three times, governor once and a U.S. House seat previously.

Have we missed any?

Chairman of the well-known dairy company, Oberweis is a job creator and believer in free market solutions to problems.

We’re in agreement there.

He’s an approachable, straight-talker too.

But then, when he finally did win a seat in public office, he missed session days and dozens of votes.

He claims Sugar Grove as his primary residence but his wife is a permanent resident of Florida.

Illinois needs representatives who are in touch with them. Underwood is endorsed.


Chicago Tribune Endorses Lauren Underwood — 16 Comments

  1. I would expect nothing left from the Libune than to back the racist/Marxist FAKE NURSE Obama protégé.

  2. Endorsements from the Tribune? What are they worth? That newspaper twice endorsed the worst ever president of the US, Barak Hussein Obama. In 2008 and in 2012. Obama’s Administration was the most corrupt ever, the dumbest, the most opaque. Current Democrat presidential candidate, Biden, was the VP and a large part of that Administration.

    Stupidity, recklessness – Obama proclaiming ISIS leader Bagdaddy and his militants as JV, or Junior Varsity. Obama and Biden withdrew troops from Iraq and ISIS promptly moved in major areas of that nation. Biden and Obama supported getting rid of Libya’s Momar Kadafi and his military and ISIS moved in and took over. Just so many things wrong with the Obama Administration including the very end of it where elements of his Administration worked for a silent coup to get rid of the incoming elected President, Donald Trump. A lot, lot more could be said about the worst ever president and Administration of Obama.

    The Tribune endorsed Obama and sidekick Biden twice for president. Were those good, sound endorsements?

  3. bred winner, isn’t there slavery in Libya, because of Obama? ☹️❓

  4. Underwood is killing off her own race! And making all of us pay for this genocide!

  5. They dont want trouble from; BLM, Jackson, Pfleger, Lightfoot and the rest of the usual suspected shakedown artists, trouble makers and bad Americans.

  6. Bob Wire, the people you named aren’t that interested in the 14th Congressional District.😐

  7. Of course the Chicago Tribune Endorses Lauren Underwood, haven’t you heard, black crap matters.

  8. Oak Harp, I don’t mind if nogs go. They’ll expire when CWII runs its course anyway.

  9. Wait they are complaining about Oberweiss’s wife having permanent residence in Florida but when she ran last term she was living in her parents basement?

    Her apartment that she has in D.C. has been her residence for what a decade?

    If you are going to point out one sides flaws point out the others especially when they are similar.

    She was one of the people help write one of the worst laws ever in US history.

    She never ever practiced nursing!

    I think the Tribune is afraid of the backlash if they didn’t endorse her.

    And you know Oberweiss gets his milk directly from farmers!

  10. LAUREN ASHLEY UNDERWOOD ACTIVE 041449058 Naperville, IL 01/11/2017 05/31/2022

    The above is from the Dept of Financial and Professional Regulation website moments ago.

    She is a nurse licensed in this state.

  11. They can certify a baboon or a donkey. Who cares?

    She is a typical parasite and deceiver.

    When will she come out?

    Oberweis is a bozo, but he gets my vote bc she’s so bad.

    So very bad.

  12. I added that information because liars kept promoting the lie that she is not a nurse.

    She graduated from Michigan with a BSN, has a grad degree from Johns Hopkins.

    She is a licensed RN.

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