Crystal Lakers Interviewed about Presidential Debate by Channel 7

And my wife was one of those stopped by the ABC-TV crew in Downtown Crystal Lake.

“What did you think of the Presidential debate?” was the question.

My wife replied that she didn’t watch the debate, that we watched “Dr. Who.”

“Was that deliberate?”

“Sure,” she replied.

Asked why she didn’t watch the debate, the reply was, “I had already made up my mind and I didn’t want to get angry.”

Then she asked why they were in Crystal Lake.

“We were tired of Chicago,” one answered.

Dr. Who, by the way saved the earth again.


Crystal Lakers Interviewed about Presidential Debate by Channel 7 — 7 Comments

  1. Which episode of the BBC’s Doctor Who did you watch?

    Was it classic or one with the current Doctor?

    If classic, which Doctor and which episode?

  2. A fat coww said she would now vote for Biden, her ape boyfriend was all smiles.

    Like she was a Trump person in the first place.

    Just an obese mud shark.

  3. I saw the news segment.

    They were savage.

    One person wondered what children would learn from it and added that children are not allowed to behave that poorly.

    Another person said they turned the TV off.

    That was right before I watched Paul Blart Mall Cop 2.

  4. The media’s gaslighting of the public is now taking on absurd and epic proportions.

    That’s why I won’t watch the major networks ‘news’ shows with their homosexual anchors and propagandistic third world mopes.

    I can’t wait for the NWH to blow away and have Frank’s loans washed out in bankruptcy.

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