Franks Posting Signs Without Permission

Look what a Friend of McHenry County Blog got a picture of Jack Franks doing in Woodstock on Sunday afternoon:

Jack Franks posting signs without permission.


Franks Posting Signs Without Permission — 31 Comments

  1. This picture is not evidence of Franks posting signs without permission.

    Is there more context that you didn’t share?

  2. Looks like he’s on the run while a neighbor tries to run him down with the truck.


  3. Permission ?

    Permission ?

    Jerkoff Jack don’t need no stinkin’ permission . . . from anybody.

  4. This is one of Cal Skinner’s old signs with Franks name on it??

    I recall Cal’s “tag line” was “tax fighter”.

  5. If Franks donated his generous tax payer pension and medical insurance costs back to the state then he could claim his is a tax fighter.

    Very disingenuous to claim you are a tax fighter when you are sucking off of the taxpayers teat isn’t it?

  6. Lakewood knows that slogan is a joke.

    We are still learning a hard lesson.

  7. He best stay outta my hood, few friends of mine would not like seeing him skulking & slithering around … ifn’ you know what i mean…

    we don’t take kindly to trespassers… up here in the Norburbs…

  8. My neighbor was surprised to find one in her yard.

    She never supported him and was not asked.

    He did a rob call saying that he would put his sign out and if you did not want it to cal a number he gave.

    People in Woodstock and other areas in that state rep district are on to this.

    A friend on Dean St. in woodstock woke up every election year and would find her neighborhood with a Franks sign in every yard.

    A note say that if you did not want it to call and they wouid remove it.

    After waiting and waiting it was not removed.

    The ended up tossing it out.

    Then they were on to him.

    I find his signs in yards on the dividing property line.

    Whose house is it supposed to be in ???

    He is up to his old trick.s.

  9. This is one of Franks old tricks.

    People in Woodstock (when he was a state rep) would wake up in the am to see every house in their neighborhood with a Franks sign.

    He put a post it note on the door with a number to call if you do not want it.

    They do not get picked up.

    I know of some that found it in their yard and tossed it.

    They were not asked and did not want it.

  10. People could gather up the signs and place them in Franks’ yards. 😁

  11. I think he was caught with his pants off and was using the sign to cover up, when he only needed a business card.

  12. Well Robert, Franks claiming credit for something he’s not, is nothing new!

  13. Well he’s not allowed in Marion Central any longer to recruit student help anymore!

  14. He has illegal signs all over McHenry county.

    Just another example of his disregard of our laws.

    Hope he doesn’t try to post Madigan like guerrillas, at the polls again this election.

  15. How demoralizing it must be for entitled obnoxious millionaire and washed up swamp creature to have to put his own yard signs out.

    This made my day and so did the many signs that I noticed were pulled up by disgusted homeowners.

    What a sleaze.

  16. Why does he have a glove on like he is committing a crime?

    I assume it is not the weather since he is wearing short pants and short sleeves.

  17. Is that “Republican Jeffrey” in the drivers seat? 🤭

  18. I shouldn’t have written ‘He’ above.

    I don’t know if he or a subhuman Lichtetype minion did it.

    Doesn’t the Fatty Franks have legions of winged monkeys high (like Austin and Craven Craver) and low ( like Fichte and Acosta) to do his bidding?

    The Great Man has little time for such pleb pursuits.

    But the Great Man is going down, down, down

    ‘Where the goblins go”

    Franks is so typical of his ill ilk, they over reach.

    And then the backlash.

    So long Jacko.

  19. But it’s true: Jack Franks fights for tax dollars to pay his patronage employees (like the former “Editor” of the Northwest Jack Franks Herald “newspaper”)…

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