Marengo Slaughter House Opponent Approaches Board of Health

From the July 27, 2020, minutes up for approval at the September 28th Board of Health meeting:

Rehana Mohammed Smith, who is working with Free from Harm and Slaughter Free Chicago spoke to board members about the proposed slaughter house coming to Marengo.

She stated the owner of the proposed business currently operates a slaughter house in Chicago, with a long track record of complaints and violations.

Ms. Smith stated that COVID-19 and other viruses can be transmitted from animals. Ms. Smith questioned the purpose of bringing in a business that will pollute the air, contaminate our water and soil, as well as lower property values.

Ms. Heather Friedu also spoke about Community Farms, LLC, which is the slaughter house proposed to open in Marengo.

Ms. Friedu said she is not certain how far along the business is in the approval process, but she wants the public to be aware that this slaughter house may be approved for opening and would like to see the community voice their opinions on this matter.

She voiced her concerns about health and environmental issues,
hazardous working conditions and the spread of disease.

Ms. [Cindy] Gaffney told board members that due to previous complaints made by an ex-employee,

Animal Services and Assistance Programs Inc. requested a hearing in order to be judged by the State.

The judge stated there were no violations of the Animal Welfare Act and no fines were issued.


Marengo Slaughter House Opponent Approaches Board of Health — 8 Comments

  1. Mrs. Smith is obviously an idiot, because there is no such thing as viruses of ANY didsease. AND there is no such thing as contagion between species. EVER. EVER! She is a complete moron just for repeating those lies! Crack a book doofus, and stop believing “Chicken Little”.

  2. Easy ways to find out include picking up a bat and eating one. Yuck! ☠️🤒🤧😷

  3. Had a Freudian Glyph when reading:

    “Rehana Mohammed Smith, who is working with Free from HAM and ……”

    I think the Mohammed triggered it.


  4. Of course more garbage that has legal issue running up here to hide out… and cash in.. just gets old… like shoe leather… whats the matter heat getting hot in the kitchen in sanctuary city..ville?

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