Valley Hi Continues to Be Free of Coronavirus

From Valley Hi Nursing Home Administrator Thomas Annarella in response to a Freedom of Information request about the status of Covid-19:

Valley Hi Nursing Home

Valley Hi continues to be COVID-free so there are no cases or deaths to report. 

We have had a few staff members test positive in the community due to non-Valley Hi related exposures but our response plan dictates that upon identification of symptoms, even prior to testing, employees are placed off work. 

This has allowed us to keep COVID out of the building.

Just as a side note, we did multiple rounds of housewide testing (residents and staff) a month or so ago and have transitioned to testing all Valley Hi staff, contractors, and medical partners weekly to identify any asymptomatic individuals and to be able to respond appropriately should one be identified.

He added, “Our seniors and caregivers deserve more from our State and our leaders.”

My suggestion for better oversight can be found in this article

Concurrent Regulatory Authority of Nursing Homes by County Health Department Might Have Limited Coronavirus Deaths


Valley Hi Continues to Be Free of Coronavirus — 5 Comments

  1. Really? —they have a covid patient at NW McHenry 6th floor icu yesterday FROM VALLEY Hi

  2. So sad if true.

    Did they move ICU or use 6th floor as overflow/dirty?

    Last I recall ICU at NIMC was 530 & 560 pods? – wonder if they now have a separate “Covid” unit??

    No sarcasm, Just curious.

  3. Kudos to Valley Hi! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!

  4. Shhhhhhhh!

    Let’s cover up the COVID cases at Valley Hi?

    We don’t want any bad publicity.

    Somebody might start asking questions why we have a free county nursing home for McHenry County politicians and their parents.

    How on Earth are dementia patients and people w/ court appointed guardians registered to vote there?

    Who gets to vote for them?

    And why is this allowed?

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