Message of the Day – A Billboard – UPDATE

From a Friend of McHenry County Blog:

McHenry County Black Lives Matter billboard.

The text reads, “Justice is blind, not silent. McHenry County BLACK LIVES MATTER. VOTE 11-03-2020.”

It’s next to Marian Central Catholic High School and says, “Paid for by A. Klouda, B. Lloyd, and Friends.

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The following comment was posted by a reader today, so I am putting this post up again:

My family and I have lived and have absolutely loved McHenry county for the last 18 years.

We’re a Black, middle-class family of 6, where we’ve all been involved in our community in one facet or another, whether it’s travel football, participating and winning regional science fairs, fellowshiping at our house of worship or what have you!

To see this sign is a DIRECT INSULT to me and my Black family!

We take it personally.

How can anyone side with an organization that does not promote forgiveness and reconciliation?

How can anyone side with an organization that is determined to get rid of the nuclear family and the heterosexual male (FATHERS, which are heads of the nuclear family)?

What this sign/movement stands for is not our movement nor our mission as a Black family in the greatest country on the planet!

We love God, our family, our great country, and ALL PEOPLE!

And we will never subscribe to the BLM agenda!

To the leaders of McHenry County, THIS IS NOT OKAY!

You have a responsibility to represent your constituents.


If you need me, a Black woman but an AMERICAN first, to help you by speaking out against this then I will do so GLADLY!!

To all my fellow McHenry county neighbors, it’s time to RISE UP!!!



Message of the Day – A Billboard – UPDATE — 12 Comments

  1. Everyone knows that the McHenry county women that are protesting do not look like the woman on the sign.

    They’re fat, white, liberal, and green-haired.

    Also, it’s a commie perversion of Lady Justice intended to evoke anger with race and gender politics.

    The sword is of swift action of lawfulness.

    The stupid clenched fist represents defiance and disorder for only ideological or socialist reasons.

    These people do not believe in justice at all.

    They believe in zero accountability and worship hate.

    We’ve never met, but Geri is the voice of reason and I’m proud that she and her family are my neighbors.

  2. Yes Its Racist ! for sure, and all of this will stay Racist until you stop shoving this kind of spewing down everyone’s throat, just like obammie would not shut up about it and became the most racist prez ever he loved to stir the POT! … and he was the kettle … makes me sick, over and over … samo samo samo… if they spent this much time playing the whoa be to me, and worked they would be very Rich by now… wasted time spent for sure..

    All Lives Matter in this Human world we are all living in…

    they think they are the only ones ever abused… get over yourselves…and get a life.

    Most of us are sick and tired of the whining… rioting, looting .. and lies…

    Move on or Leave this horrible USA and go back where you think your better off at, go!

  3. The black lady forgot to mention BLM has a Marxist agenda and its funding is primarily from rich Jews (Soros, etc.) and Whites.

  4. Good points by Toilet Bow. Especially about the worst ever president of the US, Obama. Some polls taken during and after this guy about whether race relations improved during his reign showed it got worse. He could have done so much but he was merely a shill for the Democrat Party and its reckless agenda. Trust no Democrat EVER. Consider their top Congress leaders and what they say and do, Pelosi and Schumer. Despicable SO-CALLED leaders and persons. Really, mis-leaders.

  5. Did you know that slaves fought for the Confederacy?

    This is my favorite trope.

    But only when you include a picture.


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