Message of the Day – A Photograph

Dentist and conservative political activist Jim Economos found this photograph and shared it:

Koloryzacji Mirek Szponar

He writes,

Czeslawa Kwoka, Poland, Catholic, 14 years old.

Red triangle: political prisoners because she was born in Wólka Zlojecka.

On February 18, 1943, in Auschwitz extermination camp killed with an injection of Phenol into the heart.

Shortly before the execution, she was photographed by prisoner Whilem Brasse.

Brasse later testified that the girl was punched in the face by a supervisor with a stick shortly before she was shot, where the hematoma on her lip explains from.

All you see is the face of a scared little girl who didn’t even speak her language and lost her mother a few days before.

It was one of the 250.000 children and minors deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Originally black and white and found in Oświęcim memorial photo, the photo was colored by Anna Amaral, a Brazilian professional photographer, impressed by the photo of Czeslawa and decided to make it in color and accessible to all.

So everyone knows and nobody forgets.

My heart is with you baby girl.


Message of the Day – A Photograph — 8 Comments

  1. This is exactly what the Marxist DEMOCRATS have in store for America.

  2. Awful! Yes we must never forget this is what happens under Progressive and/or Socialist regimes and to an unarmed citizenry.

    Don’t vote for friends or people you think are. Ice, Vote Republican for freedom.

  3. Dems and Lefties now hate Catholics too, right?

    They were murdered by Nazi’s, made Indentured Servants by mainly German and English Americans already residing in America, targeted by the KKK, and Diane Feinstein and her ilk dont want ACB precisely because of her Catholicism.

    Shame on all Dems and Lefties who wont acknowledge this part of your Party’s “beliefs”.

    And yes, Biden and Harris and AOC and Omar all want us bowing to them as the new King.

  4. Why is she tagged as a communist?

    Her fellow prisoner had a nice photography lab.

    Was this chick allowed to keep her pet terrier, too?

  5. While most Catholic politicians are Roman Catholic and Democrat, some are Republican. 😐

    Some are Ukrainian, Hungarian or Greek Catholic too. 😐

    Some Poles were allied with Nazis, while some weren’t. 😐

  6. Is Gary Puckett a Democrat plant to make this blog look bad?

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