Message of the Day – Neighbors Disagreeing — 6 Comments

  1. What on earth is that idiot thanking him for?

    Ruining the economy, putting people in the poor house?

    The need for trillions in bail outs?

    Govt over reach? Not following his own mandates? Working with Whack job Lightfoot?

    His ‘let ‘em eat cake’ stance on leadership?

  2. I’ve driven by that same sign and wondered much of the same…is it a joke, or a true Thank You to the Governor?…amazed someone hasnt knocked on his door to ask him directly. Be clearer on your stand here sir, otherwise you’re just teasing people.

  3. Thank you JB for being our fat jewish overlord.

    We thank our local jewish tyrant, The Jackal, too!

  4. Ah yes i’m sure they are thanking Fred Flintstone for putting us in debt and tax evasion tactics to use… I would have to agree…

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