Two More Negative Mailings from Marci

Two more mailings as of Wednesday in David McSweeney’s district.

One is a comparison:

Here’s another with a family photo:

Both are financed by money Mike Madigan controls, yet she states she is “an independent.”


Two More Negative Mailings from Marci — 12 Comments

  1. Another democRAT clown.

    Negativity is imbedded in their 1/2 brain.

  2. None of her mailings talk about any of her accomplishments.

    What has she done to instill me to even consider her.

  3. One mailing claims that Marci is an “independent force”.

    That is a flat out lie in that the mailing shows a return address of, “Paid for by Democratic Party of Illinois”.

    If Marci truly were independent she would not have approved money from the Democratic Party of Illinois.

    In any event, the watchword now and into the immediate future for all Americans must be, “Trust no Democrat”.

  4. Where did this woman come from?

    Pops out all of a sudden with pockets full of Madigan money—McSweeney’s District isnt for her “type”.

    Dave and hopefully replacement, was an enemy to the Springfield Left and all things Madigan–this woman is claiming to be independent and that Marty is the friend of Springfield–how much money did he get from Springfield/Madigan, Marci?


  5. Is she Jewish too? Ans: yes, of course!

    How can there be so much overrepresentation in this state?

  6. Cabbage Patch Candidate.

    I wish she could control her overeating. Pritzker isn’t helping with the intervention.

  7. There are many pretty, smart Jewish gals, including:

    Jan Schakowsky,

    Barbara Boxer,

    Golda Meir,

    Gilda Radner,

    Gloria Steinmann,

    Bella Azbug,

    Linda Lavin,

    Dianne Feinstein

    Barbra Streisand


  8. As I said before, when one sees the nonsense on these mailers on TV commercials during news hour on broadcast TV, then you’ll know the Democrats are serious.

    For example, the Democrats really think Dan Ugaste can be beat, so opponent’s attack ads against him are on during the news hour on broadcast TV.

    This “campaign” is about setting up the voters to see how they’ll vote within the 52nd district, like Carpentersville, and if certain neighborhoods in the district vote for her this year, those neighborhoods will be drawn into a district where she can win in 2022.

  9. Interesting Lopez, and The Evil Leprechaun Madigan will have his way again.

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