The Shunning of Jack Franks by Cary and Fox River Grove Democrats

Drove through Cary to Fox River Grove today and found the following signs posted in support of Democrats on the ballot.

I saw not one sign supporting Jack Franks.

Note that absence in photos of the yards below:

This sign is on the street that butts into Cary-Grove High School.
This sign is from unknown Democratic Party candidate for District 1 County Board on the street near the grade school. Theresa Meshes obviously does not think Jack Franks will have coat tails for her.
Yard with signs for Democrats Jeannie Ridings, Sean Casten and Marci Suelzer. No sign for Jack Franks.
Yard with Democratic Party signs for President, County Board and Congress, but none for Jack Franks.
Signs for every Democratic woman on the ballot except for Circuit Clerk, plus Sean Casten, but nothing for Jack Franks.

Did Jack Franks not make his signs available or is this an indication that Democratic Party supporters don’t want his name associated with candidates they support?


The Shunning of Jack Franks by Cary and Fox River Grove Democrats — 23 Comments

  1. Casten and Underwood?

    It must be a shared border, between the 6th and 14th congressional districts. ๐Ÿค”

  2. Reference for who has a Prius or a Subaru with COEXIST bumper stickers?


  3. Mellow Monk and Dante, LoL.

    Dianne, your world is coming to an abrupt close. Canโ€™t wait.

  4. Subaru’s used to come standard with a “Hillary 2016” bumper sticker right from the factory.

  5. I see many little cars still sporting Bernie stickers.

    Lotsa dimwits in northern Illinois

  6. Bumper stickers or other political signs for Democrat scum such as Hillary and the doofus Biden are usually on stupid, wimpy type cars and other vehicles.

    There are more documents and evidence coming out now that the scum Democrat Hillary and her Democrat operatives in the government conspired to frame Trump and try a coup on his Admin via the Russia Collusion nonsense. Watchword now and forever, Trust no Democrat. Biden and Obama knew what was going on.

  7. I see these Casten, Biden/Harris, Suelzer signs in yards and think only of people wanting; higher taxes, more crime, more government control in our lives, regulations, rules, and baby killing.

    Makes me think way less of neighbors I once knew none of these things about.

    Its Ok to hate Trump and Pence, but would think folks would not want to fall in Love with all those other things Dems will bring.

  8. I am an independent voter.

    I will be voting for ALL Democrats on the ballot for this general election.

    Fact is that McHenry County is a minority in the State of Illinois; it is ran and operated by Republicans.

    This has given us high property taxes and an unfair legal system.

    We can not allow this to continue.

    It’s time to vote the Republicans out of McHenry County!

    Also… here are some poll stats for our State:

    Looks like a Democratic ticket is a winning ticket!

  9. Eddie- Jack Franks has done more for tax payers then ANY Republican on the board has.

    Fact is that Republican board members expect to receive health benefits and a pension for PART TIME work.

    That isn’t fair to McHenry County tax payers and creates a situation that doesn’t allow the county to reassess property values to decrease taxes.

    So, locally in McHenry County, it’s the Republicans that are to blame for our high taxes.

  10. Mike –

    If suddenly, tomorrow, the assessors dropped every propertyโ€™s assessed value by 50%, all our tax bills would end up being…..


    All the taxing bodies decide on how much they want you to pay.

    All the assessors do is determine your comparative share.


  11. Of course, Jack Franks could make a personal contribution by taking his legislative retirement health benefits, rather than those provided by McHenry County taxpayers.

  12. Mike—
    Who is “to blame” for the sexual assault allegations against Jack Franks, and the ongoing State Police investigation..?

  13. Williams is delusional.

    Yes, Franks is a rotten scoundrel, liar, deceiver, Anti-Christian, LGBTQ advocate, Marxist, abortion toady, Christmas-hater, sex freak, bully, materialist, crook, vainglorious schlump, fork-tongued double dealer and all around ratrat.

    But Mike is right.

    How could this supposedly GOP area have higher property tax rates than Cook County?!!

    and we’re one of highest taxed counties in the whole USA.

    GOP failed us at every step of the way.

    They let in the devils and wrecked a formerly nice area.

    They never stood for anything.

    Cal, was one of the exceptions, which is why they hated him so.

    That’s why I’m cutting out of here next Spring!

    Shipping out to a much saner, safer place:


  14. Interesting, a bunch of Franks signs went up overnight in Wonder Lake recently.

    Today is garbage day and many found their way in the truck.

    Others started showing up in front of stop signs.

  15. Please send a photo of your moving van.

    And, remember that school boards are non-partisan with school teacher unions having a much stronger economic reason to marshal resources than taxpayers.

  16. Wow…Mike is living in another reality or Mike is just dumb!

  17. Mike- If Democrats do so well, please explain places like Chicago, Detroit, LA and the rest of ILLINOIS?

    Perhaps instead of infesting McHenry County with the Democrat ways, you should move to Chicago.

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