IL-14: Underwood Named “Enemy of the Taxpayer”

From the National Tax Limitation Committee:


The National Tax Limitation Committee (NTLC), the nation’s oldest, grass-roots, tax-fighting organization (Est 1975), has named Congresswoman Lauren Underwood an “ENEMY OF THE TAXPAYER” after a scoring of the 116th Congress.

Jim Oberweis

NTLC has been scoring Congress for almost 40 years, the longest continuous scorecard of any organization. 

 “Congresswoman Underwood scored a pathetic 6%, a BIG FAT “F”, one of the WORST scores in Congress, what a disappointment”, said Lewis K. Uhler, Pres. of NTLC. 

 “This is in sharp contrast to Cong. Randy Hultgren, whom Underwood replaced in 2018. Cong. Hultgren scored an “A” in the 115th”, Uhler continued. 

“Jim Oberweis, candidate for Illinois 14th Congressional district, has been awarded an “HONORARY TAXFIGHTER” designation by NTLC for his answers to a “TAXFIGHTER” questionnaire and for his service in the state Senate representing the 25th district, which he has done with distinction since 2013”,said Uhler. 

 “Congresswoman Underwood ran for Congress promising to get things done on behalf of her constituents.

“Instead, in the 116th, we have witnessed uncontrolled spending, non-stop investigations and a bogus impeachment”, Uhler said.

“We think that the voters should be informed so they can vote accordingly.” 

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IL-14: Underwood Named “Enemy of the Taxpayer” — 8 Comments

  1. We’ll NEVER hear anything about this from our local MSM FAKE NEWS.

    Perhaps our resident savant Little Eddie will explain why.

  2. DisHonestAbe1, you should know the Northwest Herald better than me. 🤔😝

    I’m glad you like Doug Savant. 😁

  3. Underwood and her sick ilk love to parasitize off productive White folks and rob them of their history and future in a third world NWO hell.

  4. Underwood puts on pretty little face for the area soccer moms. Too bad these Mom’s can’t see through the mask and what Underwood and her degenerate, cultural Marxist friends have in store for the soccer moms’ children.

    Now that’s a horrific sight!

  5. Lauren Underwood was auditioning to be one of Mary Wilson’s Supremes. Lauren’s wigs sped away in a remote controlled car, with Lauren screaming “You come back with my wigs! I want to be a Supreme!”. 😝😁

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