Jack Franks Spends a Bit of Time Attacking Coroner Candidate Michael Rein for Not Wearing a Mask

Jack Franks sent out this on Facebook:

A little hard to understand what Frank is saying.

Is the practice he wants to end

  • the election of the office of Coroner or
  • the appearing at a public gathering without wearing a mask?

If the latter, one might ask why Franks was unmasked after a McHenry County Board meeting:

Jack Franks without mask after August Board meeting.


Jack Franks Spends a Bit of Time Attacking Coroner Candidate Michael Rein for Not Wearing a Mask — 22 Comments

  1. Jacko is the pot calling the kettle black.

    What a pudgy buffoon

  2. It’s YOUR (the reader’s) responsibility to throw this back in his (Franks) face on your own social media and especially directly on *his* social media so that many people will see him for what he is.

    Mask shaming coming from a guy who won’t even wear a mask inside.

    Post the pic of him not wearing the mask, point out how he is not wearing a mask indoors while everybody else is, and how he’s now lecturing others about masks.

    Typical tyrant behavior: rules for thee but not for me.

    He’s a hypocrite at best and dangerous at worst.

    Law enforcement in the state capitol apparently already considers him to be a danger.

    Don’t let him slide on this.

    Call him out and humiliate him.

    His post will either be inundated with people pointing out his double standard and manipulative nature or he’ll be forced to delete it out of shame.


  3. With Jack it’s all about hypocrisy!

    Do as I say, not as I do!

    Given his alleged record in Springfield (you know. . . the one the State police are investigating), you’d think he always want to wear a mask.

    Like his political future, his mind must be crumbling.

  4. Good job Mike, that keeps him from attacking any more women.

  5. How can Franks even run when he no longer resides in McHenry County!

  6. Cognizant … doesn’t he live in Marengo or Harvard?

    Not sure I am following you??

  7. Jackaroo said he had an open marriage. Just like he had a good time in Springhell.

    But Jack is headed to a loss, to be followed by obscurity, then ignominy.

    He’ll try and get a Fatty Pritzk appointment, but this time the letter won’t ask for a Cush appointment for little Debbie.

  8. Jacko probably can’t find a mask that covers his double chin

  9. Michael Rein is such an idiot, and so is Jack Franks.

    Don’t elect either of them to office

  10. Bullocks needs put the crack pipe away for awhile.

    At least 12 hours.

  11. Bullocks, honestly, may I ask what you have against Mike Rein? Is it possible the sour grapes stem from your wife losing to him and the late Justen?

  12. Does Jack Franks wear a mask when he’s out accruing sexual assault and stalking allegations against himself..?

  13. My condolences, I meant to say your daughter, not wife! Either way, sour grapes!

  14. Hey Cal Skinner… could you be more biased?

    Someone needs to give this so called columnist a real job.

    And a kick in the ass.

    Do some real reporting and not this pathetic crap.

    You make a living off of this shit?

    Both candidates suck.

  15. This is only one minute reason we need to vote this Piece of Sh!t out of office.

    Much much worse reasons he has to go.


    Plus everything you read on this blog!

    Mike Buehler for County Board Chairman

    Even his wife doesn’t believe his claim to innocence. He’s a dirt bag and she filed for divorce in Cook County.

  16. DumpTrump could you seek much needed counseling and stay in your safe room?

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