The Algonquin Trump Rally

I was otherwise occupied noon Saturday while the Algonquin Trump rally was being held, but fortunately photographer Bill Weber was not. These photos were taken by him and are posted with his permission.

Flags lining Randall Road.
A family outing.
State Rep. Allen Skillicorn.
Another family outing.
There was quite a crowd.
One of the candidates was Kane County Treasurer Dave Rickert, running for County Board Chairman to replace Chris Lauzen.
One man pretended to be Donald Trump.
McHenry County candidate for Coroner was in attendance.
American flags dominated this section of the highway.
McHenry County Board Chairman candidate Mike Buehler posed with Tonya Franklin.
Some brought Trump-Pence signs.
It appears there are dogs for Trump.
Group photo with Mike Buehler and Michael Rein.
Donald Trump as Rambo flag.
A variety of Trump flags.
“Vote No. Keep Elected Coroner. Stop Corrption.”
Allen Skillicorn with thumbs up for Trump.
Kids for Trump out with Dad.
Moms showing sons how to participate in an election campaign.
On woman brought a 4 by 4 foot Trump-Pence sign.
Woman with Trump sign and flag.
A family out for the day to support Donald Trump’s re-election.
Flags from another angle.
Dad holds “God Bless America!!!” sign, while his daughter waves an American Flag.
One person drove by with Trump flag flying out his car window.
This was one long demonstration.


The Algonquin Trump Rally — 14 Comments

  1. It is heartening to see so many people that are NOT COMPLETE morons. I didn’t see a maskhole in the lot.

  2. True American patriots unlike Little Eddie. I was proud to stand with them all.

  3. DisHonestAbe1, I see you. You have very long hair and shades. 😁

  4. “Cindy” supports this rally. That should tell you everything you need to know.

  5. I was there!

    Thanks for posting this and thanks to the photographer.

    This was a fun event on a beautiful autumn day.

    The support for President Trump and local Republican candidates is strong.

    The overwhelming majority of folks driving past honked, waved and cheered when they saw us.

    It felt great to be around upbeat, friendly patriots.

  6. M? Where did I say I supported any rally? You really are a moron that doesn’t understand what others DON’T say.

  7. I support this rally too.

    Trump is the unlikely hero to lead our country into success of defeating globalism, being owned by China, and run by elected tyrants beholden to everyone else but America.

    Go drown in your Biden tears, M.

    We’re fresh out of life preservers for life destroyers!

  8. It was great to see such a great group enjoying the day and showing there support for the President.

    I would love to know about any future events like this planned out this way.

    I saw it in the NW Herald at the last minute and stopped by.

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