Message of the Day – Rejection

Driving around Crystal Lake looking for Jack Franks sign, I saw a home which posted one four years ago back in the Cut10 days.

Here’s the Cut 10 logo used in Jack Franks’2016 campaign. No one’s taxes went down 10%, did they?

Now, there was just a yard sign for Jeanne Ives.

Knowing that he was a pretty solid Republican, I stopped and asked if I could put up a Mike Buehler sign.

He said I could.

Signs for Jeanne Ives and Mike Buehler.

He told me he came out to get the mail one day and found a Jack Franks sign.

He had gotten a phone call with the message that a Franks sign would be put up if he did not call and he forgot to do so.

Having figured out what Franks was all about over the past four years, he was not supporting his re-election.

Where was the sign, I asked.

“In the garage,” he replied.

Then, he allowed me to take a picture.

Jack Franks sign taken from front yard to garage.

To get a free Mike Buehler yard or four foot by four foot sign, click here.


Message of the Day – Rejection — 4 Comments

  1. People can deface or rip up the signs, before returning them to Franks. 😁

  2. It would seem that anyone placing any object on another person’s property lawn without the express PRIOR written consent of the property owner is littering and/or trespassing. Those guilty of the littering and/or trespassing should be properly charged and then pay a fine or appear in court.

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