IL-Sen/IL-06/IL-14/IL-17/MT-Sen: Illinois’ Jon Zahm Interview with Patriots In Tune

Jon Zahm

Revealing interview includes heartfelt story about Mike Pence and Zahm seeing his twin adult sons working campaigns including Jim Oberweis’

Monday night, Illinois-based political consultant Jon A. Zahm of The Goliathslayers consulting firm was interviewed by Patriots in Tune on live stream YouTube.

Zahm, who’s working many campaigns this fall including the multiple campaigns to defeat Illinois Supreme Court Justice Tom Kilbride’s retention, gave very open interview, including coverage of his campaigns over the past 30 years in the Chicagoland area.

Source: Illinois Family Action article by Jon A. Zahm

In addition to the Supreme Court retention campaign, Zahm touched upon several other 2020 campaigns.

The nearly 90 minutes interview is cued to the start of Zahm’s interview:

Zahm talks about numerous races, including the race to succeed 14th congressional district nominee Jim Oberweis in the state senate, as well as the U.S. Senate race in Illinois, Oberweis’ race, 6th congressional district Republican Jeanne Ives, 17th congressional district Esther Joy King and others.

Enjoy the interview.

PERSONAL NOTE: McHenry County Blog sincerely thanks Mr. Zahm for his heartfelt shout-out for the blog, and to me. We all use our God-given gifts for His Kingdom and no one else’s. I also thank Patriots In Tune co-hosts Jewels Jones and “Toots” Sweet for their kind words.

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IL-Sen/IL-06/IL-14/IL-17/MT-Sen: Illinois’ Jon Zahm Interview with Patriots In Tune — 3 Comments

  1. I don’t like Zahm one bit, but I detest the whore called McBride

  2. Thank you, John, for the links and the coverage of this interview.

    I hope that my testimony and my life’s work brings honor to God, my family, and America.

    I am not a perfect person, none of us are.

  3. Zahm is an antidote for much that ails this dying, corrupt state.

    Good Work!!!!

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