IL-06: Jeanne Ives Responds to Sean Casten’s Latest Twitter Rant

Jeanne Ives

From the Jeanne for Congress Campaign Press Release 10/14/20:

32,000 Scientists Disagree with Sean Casten; Casten Loses His Mind

Demands Media Cancel Them

The Washington Times reported on a recent Twitter-rant in which Sean Casten attempted to discredit the Great Barrington Declaration petition that calls for using “focused protection” to isolate the elderly and vulnerable while opening up the rest of the society to “build up immunity to the virus through natural protection,” over an endless lockdown.

The document was  co-authored by epidemiologists at Harvard, Stanford and Oxford. Thirty-two thousand other scientists and medical experts have signed on, endorsing the policy prescription.

Because Sean Casten favors a never-ending economic lockdown, he decried the petition as a “heaping, stinking pile of junk science” in a Twitter rant. 

Among his comments:

“The GBD advocates nothing more than killing Americans. That is pure, unadulterated evil.” 

When Jeanne Ives pointed to the declaration in their WGN debate, Casten appeared dumb-founded. Half a day later, Casten apparently came unglued over being “out-scienced.”

He launched into a Twitter rant calling the more than 32,000 public-health scientists and medical practitioners worldwide who have signed the declaration “evil” and the declaration itself “irresponsible and deadly.”

He also demanded media outlets not cover the declaration, tweeting:

“To the media: do not give platforms to anyone who advocates this plan. Do not ‘both sides’ this. Ignore it. Shut it down. Real lives are in the balance.”

Jeanne Ives responds:

“It doesn’t matter what the conversation is, or how credential an scientist or expert you are.

“If you disagree with Sean Casten you are stupid, evil, racist, a Nazi or some other form of low-life. We have seen similar behavior from Casten, when he refused to question a well-known climate scientist in a US House Committee hearing, saying it would be, ‘a waste of his time.’

“This rant against 32,000 scientists who have a different public policy prescription for dealing with COVID-19 than Rep. Casten absolutely proves it.

“Casten wants anyone with different ideas than his to be shut down.

Good leaders listen to experts. They don’t demand people with new or different ideas be shut down, and then claim expertise over all fields. He’s out of his mind.

“The voters of IL06 deserve better.”

Jeanne Ives, 10/14/20 statement


To view the full rant by Congressman Sean Casten from Sunday mid-morning, the 20+ tweet rant was transcribed by McHenry County Blog and can be viewed here.


IL-06: Jeanne Ives Responds to Sean Casten’s Latest Twitter Rant — 12 Comments

  1. Sounds like kooky Casten has lost it.

    What about the blackface Halloween costume party?

  2. A pure idiot savant.

    Can ace any test given as long as there is information or data to be “memorized”..and when time to test that memorization, can spit it out like a machine.

    But when it comes to day to living, decision making, common sense?

    Epic Failure.

    And the type of savant that goes true idiot with rants, temper tantrums, name calling…remember gun owners dont have testicles in his world.

    His followers use the “C” word against his opponent and deface her signs with it.

    Glad he’s getting unmasked.

  3. Where’s Sean’s scientific research?

    Where’s his scholarly journal articles? Where’s his cures? ☹️😮

  4. Where are yours, Little Eddie ?
    Please impress us with your vast compendium of all things known to man, if you can.
    Time to put up or shut up.😒

  5. DisHonestAbe1, where are yours Mr. Casten2? It’s time for you to shut up! 😮

  6. First, it’s not 32,000 scientists, it’s more like 9,500 scientists because MDs aren’t scientists, they’re medical practitioners.

    Scientists perform experiments.

    Doctors treat people.

    Neither my GP nor my orthopedic surgeon is a scientist, as they, themselves, will tell you.

    Second, the signatures are secret.

    That makes the claim that 9,500 “scientists” signed the Declaration an untestable hypothesis, and, of course, testing — experimentation — is the essence of science.

    Third, credentials are NOT confirmed.

    Anyone can pretend that they’re a public health scientist and sign the Declaration.

    All that’s needed is a valid email address.

    That also rather calls into question the claim that 9,500 “scientists” have signed the Declaration.

    All in all, the “Great Barrington Declaration” is more of a “Little Barrington Assertion”.

  7. This opponent of Ives once said that an abortion was no different than removing a diseased gall bladder.

    Will Ives opponent come forward and say that his mother would have been correct and withing her RIGHTS in aborting him as her RIGHT?

  8. He’s an unhinged pervert Democrat, all they do is troll and rant. Is this chipmunk married?

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