Message of the Day – A Sign — 8 Comments

  1. When will Jack play his ‘antisemitic’ race card again?

  2. When will Jack Franks be arrested?

    When will the Northwest Herald publish that his wife, Debbie, has filed for divorce?

  3. I remember what Franks did to Perry Moy, the soyboy.

    What goes around comes around Jack.

    Prepare for a fleecing, Jack!

    Does his fat butt even still reside here?

  4. Drain, wouldn’t the divorce case show up in a county case search?

    Or is there privacy priviledge?

    Which county?

  5. Revere.

    Search cook county circuit clerk.

    Once on that site there’s free case search button.

    Pick the type of case, then just type in last name and hit search.

    I’m not sure if once in the case that the link can be copied.

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