IL-14: Jim Oberweis Enters the Den of Vipers — Virtual Interview with MSNBC

Jim Oberweis

One of Oberweis’ best media interviews of the 2020 election cycle gives insight what the electorate is saying through socially distant door-to-door campaign

Early Wednesday morning, Republican 14th congressional district candidate Jim Oberweis appeared on MSNBC Morning Joe.

This was one of Oberweis’ best media appearances of the cycle. Given President Trump describes MSNBC as “MSDNC”, Oberweis had entered a den of vipers this morning. The 8 1/2 minutes interview video to judge for yourself:

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IL-14: Jim Oberweis Enters the Den of Vipers — Virtual Interview with MSNBC — 10 Comments

  1. Depends on your criteria for what makes an interview the “one of the best.” Sure, it’s a great interview for him if people come away believing the lies he told. It’s not a great interview if you were looking for someone who can answer questions honestly.

    Also, he said he’s for wearing masks inside in close proximity to people? There are pictures of him on the website with Lauf Out Loud and others inside, so close that they are touching, not wearing masks.

    The best part was when he mentioned “career politicians.” This guy has been running (and losing a lot… “Milk Dud”) for office from before Congresswoman Underwood could drive a car.

    He’s a joke and will get smoked. Go home old man.

  2. Just got a text from Underwood’s campaign asking for a donation because “Our GOP opponent is at it again, spreading lies and misinformation about me.

    Click the link to help correct the record”

    Clearly a reference to this interview and the lie he keeps repeating.

    They are fundraising off this interview.


  3. Watched the entire clip. Oberweis came across as very credible. He is in the Illinois Legislature and is a successful business person who has employed people and met a payroll. Quite a bit more than the alleged nurse he is running against who has ZERO experience or accomplishments in the private sector.

    In the past have watched Morning Joe from time to time out of curiosity and what stands out for me and was reinforced with this clip is the stupidity of some of their regulars. This was on display with the moron Mike Barnacle. Just one of numerous goofballs on this cable network.

  4. Radical abortion loving Underwood Is a disaster.

    She turned IL into abortion-tourism Mecca and votes with ‘Crazy Nancy’ every time!

    Oberweis is a moderate.

    And more in keeping with the majority of IL ideals.

    She also has no problem lying her ass off.

  5. Great interview. Congresswoman Underwood is running with it and fundraising off it.


    This morning our Republican opponent went on national television to once again spread lies and misinformation about Lauren’s record. On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, our opponent made fun of wearing masks, bashed Joe Biden, and yes, spewed his favorite attack lines about Lauren.

    You know what he didn’t talk about? His priorities and policy platforms — because he has none.

    It was one thing when our opponent was spreading misinformation just in our community, but now he’s taken his lies to the national stage. We have to step up and correct the record. Add a donation to help us reach our final fundraising goals of this campaign:

  6. Underwood is a great little liar.

    Learned her trade out east.

    She a rainbow drama queen who says the entire US social structure is bathed in White Privilege and systemic racism.

    I guess that’s why a low IQ black cultural Marxist is sitting in Congress in a 80% white Dist.

    Go figure.

  7. CK – the “low IQ black” you speak of has a bachelor’s degree from University of Michigan and a Masters from Johns Hopkins, the top nursing problem in the country.

    You could only dream of having the smarts and success of Congresswoman Underwood.

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