Treasurer Glenda Miller Endorses Mike Buehler for County Board Chairman

From the Mike Buehler campaign:


HARVARD, IL – McHenry County Treasurer Glenda Miller has endorsed Mike Buehler for McHenry County Board Chairman.  

“Mike has run a successful business for 25 years.

“He understands what it takes to make a dollar and what it means to pay the bills,” said Miller.

“He’s not someone who will take taxpayers for granted and he won’t fight for taxpayers just because of a campaign slogan.” 

She said that someone, such as Buehler, doesn’t succeed long in business if they’re not a fiscal conservative.

As a fiscal conservative herself, she said that Buehler is someone who will work with board members and her office to reduce the costs of government while maintaining an efficient administration that meets its responsibilities. 

“I’ve seen how Mike interacts with people,” Miller said.

“He doesn’t play games or try to coerce them into going his way. He listens to people.

“He’s receptive to other ideas.

“He hears people out.” 

She said that Buehler will set a tone with the County Board, the administration and the departments of the county government that is focused on results and not on who gets the credit for this or that. 

“He’s not a politician.

“He’s approaching the process as a public servant who is only doing this because he wants to serve the people of McHenry County.

“He has no grandiose visions of higher office or using the position to accumulate wealth and power.

“There’s enough of that in government.

“It’s refreshing to have someone like Mike in the mix giving us an alternative.” 

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The following May, 2017, article is still relevant:

County Treasurer Still Waiting for Big Money “Found” by Jack Franks’ Patronage Employees

Posted on  by Cal Skinner

Back in March, I wondered if the Northwest Herald had been mislead by McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks’ patronage employee Oliver Serafini.

The Northwest Herald reported on February 24th that $134,000 of county money was lying unclaimed in Springfield and listed on the State Treasurer’s I-CASH web site.

When I asked McHenry County Treasurer Glenda Miller in mid-March if she had received any such money this is how she replied:

Glenda Miller

As for the I-Cash monies…most if not all of these funds are unclaimed funds that were submitted to the State by County Offices per the Unclaimed Property Annual Filing requirements.

For instances, my office submits unclaimed

  • r/e [real estate] refunds
  • jurors
  • disbursing
  • Deposit of Order of Court, and
  • Condemnation that are 7 years or prior

They are not County monies.

Since a couple of months have passed, I thought it was time to check again, so I asked the Treasuer whether any money had been received Franks’ staff’s efforts.

Here’s the update from Miller:

In answer to you question, NO I haven’t gotten any money from the findings.

Actually, I am still waiting for Bridgette [Geenen] to meet with me and she has cancelled three times and haven’t heard anymore for her.

= = = = =

The Northwest Herald has not done a follow-up story.


Treasurer Glenda Miller Endorses Mike Buehler for County Board Chairman — 9 Comments

  1. It is in his hands.

    Remember he promised to lower our property tax by 10%??

    Mine went UP.

  2. Yeah, why does she have to rely on Franks?

    Has she no authority of her own or any responsibility to claim the funds as Treasurer.

    Of course Franks is a fat, lazy pig.

    But I’m sick of Republicans saying Franks is the reason for everything wrong here, when most of them were complicit, lazy, controlled opposition, ignorant and venal themselves.

  3. You are not figuring out what Miller found.

    The money Franks pointed to is not county money.

    Please read the May article again.

  4. The funds are not McHenry County’s to claim, according to her research.

  5. Everyone who meets Buehler, endorses Buehler.

    Our county board was not the problem with taxes.

    The socialistic school boards are he problem and the reason real estate taxes are so high.

  6. Read the article and feel free to move your lips if necessary.

    These are monies turned over to the state BY the county offices who were unable to locate the rightful owners.

    Unclaimed funds held by ANYONE in this state that are due to be paid to former clients, policy & account holders are REQUIRED to be turned over to the state.

    Those funds are held for the benefit of the persons to whom they are owed.

    A simple example: métis skinwalker has an account with 1st National Bank of Ridgefield. He forgets about it and it contains $125. After a certain period of time the bank MUST turn those funds and what information it has about skinwalker over to the state. They are held, I think in perpetuity until métis or his heirs lay claim to it. If they can prove their claim, they get the money and interest. If they never step forward the state of Illinois KEEPS the money. The bank cannot step forward after 10 years and say “Hey! We tried, we want the money back even though it’s not ours.”

    That is it, very simply.

    Jerk Franks’ patronage hacks are not bright enough to understand this.

    Glenda is.

    What’s your excuse?

    This was just another example of Jack the Dumb’s grandstanding.

    Hopefully this will end December 1st when we have a new, improved County Board Chairman

  7. Gives us a break is generally correct.

    But he’s wrong about the interest accruing to the missing holder.

    It isn’t so accrued.

    The interest goes to the state.

    Same with stocks and bonds.

    The state liquidates them to cash.

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