Chicago Tribune Endorses Mike Buehler for County Board Chairman, plus Republicans Kathy Keefe, Michael Rein, Shannon Teresi, David Gervais, Justin Hansen and Mark Gerhardt

From the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board:

Here’s the text:

County Board Chairman: 

Mike Buehler
Michael Buehler (Campaign photo)

Mike Buehler (Campaign photo)

We’ve backed Democratic incumbent Jack Franks of Marengo in the past because as a state lawmaker, he called on his own Democratic Party to rein in taxes and excessive spending.

He also has worked to reduce the size of county government and its tax levy in his role as chairman.

But earlier this year, news stories indicated he had became the subject of a state police investigation into sexual misconduct allegations stemming from his time in Springfield.

He denies the allegations, but questions remain and there has been no indication the case is closed.

Crystal Lake Republican Mike Buehler is a small-business owner who believes lower taxes and less regulation that hamstring commerce are the best ways to keep people and jobs from leaving McHenry County.

Buehler is endorsed.

Katherine Keefe
Katherine Keefe (Campaign photo)

Circuit Court Clerk: Woodstock Republican Katherine Keefe has capably run this office for 11 years. She’s our choice over Harvard Democrat Renee Overlee, who works for Keefe as a lead court specialist.

Coroner: Voters will choose between Woodstock Republican Michael Rein, a chiropractor and former McHenry County Board member, and Wonder Lake Libertarian Kelly Liebmann, a Greenwood Township trustee. At the same time, however, voters will have to decide in a binding referendum whether to get rid of the elected office and instead have it appointed by a county board committee. Our endorsement goes to Rein, whose medical and governmental experience make him the better choice.

Shannon Teresi
Shannon Teresi (Campaign photo)


Republican incumbent Shannon Teresi’s eight years in various roles in this office make her the better choice over Libertarian James Young.


David Gervais
David Gervais (Campaign photo)

Judge of the Circuit Court: 

For the Michael Caldwell vacancy, we endorse Republican David Gervais over Democrat Elizabeth Vonau.

Circuit Judge Justin Hansen, a Crystal Lake Republican, is the better choice over Democrat Jeannie Ridings, also of Crystal Lake.

Justin Hansen
Justin Hansen (Campaign photo)

And Circuit Judge Mark Gerhardt, a Crystal Lake Republican, is our pick over Lake in the Hills Democrat and lawyer Kimberley Crum Klein

Mark Gerhardt
Mark Gerhardt (Campaign photo)


Chicago Tribune Endorses Mike Buehler for County Board Chairman, plus Republicans Kathy Keefe, Michael Rein, Shannon Teresi, David Gervais, Justin Hansen and Mark Gerhardt — 9 Comments

  1. How bad is Oberweis?

    Like I said before, it’s really really really hard to be a Republican who cannot get a Trib endorsement.

  2. Underwood has proven over and over again that she has betrayed the people.

    The snub, for AJ Freund. during a public parade speaks volumes.

    Everyone knows, that the AJ Freund case has made news around the world.

    And, there stood Lauren Underwood showing her disgust for the murdered little boy.

    Underwood, should have apologized to the people for that one.

    Further, her fake nurse antics proves her dishonesty as does a parade of other indiscretions while Underwood has been in office.

    Actions speak louder than words, and the people should take note of her connections to Mike Madigan, Nancy Pelosi, Jack Franks and others.

    If the people elect Underwood again, they have no one to blame but themselves.

    OBERWEIS, MEANS PROGRESS AND REFORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. MIKE BUEHLER, MEANS PROGRESS AND REFORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. A nurse should care about an abused, neglected and dead five year old boy. ☹️

  5. Oh, the article isn’t about Oberweis.

    Instead, it’s about local offices in McHenry County. 😐

  6. I voted yesterday and Underwood, Franks, Sagar and Patty O’Kenneally weren’t any of them.

  7. Mike Buehler will make an excellent Board Chairman…

    Good call Tribune!

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