Coronavirus Testing in Harvard Saturday

From the McHenry County Health Department:

Drive-Up Covid-19 Testing

Testing is open to all and no appointment is needed. Anyone interested can get tested whether they have symptoms or not. There is no cost for the test.

Anyone who has insurance is asked to bring their card.

A simple nasal swab will be used, and you will be called with results within 4 to 7 days.

For additional information about what to expect during your test, visit our Access to Healthcare page.


Coronavirus Testing in Harvard Saturday — 7 Comments

  1. A simple gathering of your DNA/RNA. This is ridiculous. There isn’t even any tet for their fake virus. HOw stupid do you people have to be to keep pushing this fakery? Anyone that submits willingly to a test that DOESN’T exist will get what they deserve.

  2. OMG Cindy just opened my eyes…

    are we getting tested for Covid or is this just a scam to get a massive record collection of DNA….

    Big Brother is watching next they will be implanting chips

  3. As if the test being administered at a church of all places lends an air of
    legitimacy to the act.

    All church going sheeple MUST comply and surrender your DNA to the state.

    Only witless fools will participate.

  4. At least the morons availing of this are not paying to have their DNA on databases like and other scams,

  5. They should call these locations the “DNA Donation Drop-Off” sites! 🤥🤫🤧

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