Democratic Party Judicial Candidate Loans Campaign $47,500

Jeannine Ridings reveals in her campaign finance filing with the State Board of Elections two loans from herself to her PAC totaling $47,500.

$25,000 was transferred on July 30th, another $25,000 on September 19th and $7,500 more on September 25th.

She received $719.90 from Eventbright and $1,200 which came in amounts of less that $150.01.

Through September 30th, she had spent $26,479.58.

Jeanne Ridings web site.
  • $3,567 on a big billboard from Clear Channel
  • $3,282.66 on printing at Forest Printing in Forest Park
  • $187.87 for a web site from Go Daddy
  • $4,155.15 for billboards from Liberty Outdoor
  • $330 for web site design to Lucca Alla Moda of Rockford
  • $311.79 to Marvin’s Toy Store in Crystal Lake for promotional items
  • $7,000 for media production to Crystal Lake’s New Branch Films
  • $670.50 to of Laguna Beach, CA for a phone bank
  • $974.60 for Stars & Stripes Silk Screening of Bridgeview for graphic design
  • $6,000 for VoteMAP of Austin, TX for a mailing
  • $633.37 was for smaller unidentified spending

Ridings started the quarter with $20,311.16 and ended with $27,618.11 unspent.


Democratic Party Judicial Candidate Loans Campaign $47,500 — 4 Comments

  1. Hansen did stupid things, like say he’s not a Trump supporter.

    He didn’t have to say that.

  2. WAsTe oF moNEy. During the primary, had all republicans voted for Hansen over The other republican candidates, Ridings still would’ve blown him out of the water.

    Must be hard knowing the shift that’s occurring.

    A highly qualified, fair, educated female democrat running for judge in the county.


    Enjoy the next few months of being under the rule of a judge who sends mailers to his citizens chastising an attorney doing her duty as an attorney.


    You better hope Hansen doesn’t think youre guilty if he’s your judge because apparently, due process isn’t a thing with this guy.

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