More LITH Suicide Attempts, Thoughts — 4 Comments

  1. The cost of unconstitutional lockdowns by Democrat J.B. Pritzker and the moronic school boards.


  2. It’s really not that bad kids.

    Turn off the TV, read any book, go outside, talk to older folks who’ve been there done that….

    The politicians are removing history from your schools to make sure you’re adrift without a rudder but these things have been done before in history.

    Trump is trying to reform the schools and entire government to return it to The People.

    It’s why the little corrupt piggies are squealing so loud.

    Take heart.

    The idiots who would be despots always lose in the end.

    The Establishment Kleptocrats who inhabit both parties will be torn out of our government by the root eventually.

    History, which is ever cyclical because human beings are a selfish stupid self destructive animal, tells us the human animal yearns for freedom so much they’ll throw off these political shackles every single time.

    How much awfulness happens depends upon whether the Kleptocrats and their useful idiot minions overthrow The People’s God given power over them or if The People can peacefully vote to have someone like Trump tear them out from the top.

    It can be a peaceful violence or Pol Pot violence but Freedom will eventually win.

    Do not lose hope.

    Educate yourselves to gain perspective.

    Ending the Gift of Life freely offered you won’t solve anyone’s problem but will only add to the misery.

  3. Acceptable collateral damages in a DEMOCRAT fascist controlled locked down state where
    the insatiable lust for ever more power over the citizenry can never quenched.

  4. When cultural aliens are in charge, what would you expect.

    In the not too distant future the TV network programming heads and Hollyweird perverts like Weinstein will find their heads separated from their bodies and up on pikes.

    And boy will they mewl as they await their turn.

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