Outside Woodstock Trump Rally Features Short Talk by Donald Trump, Jr.

Tuesday afternoon from 3:30 to 5:30, there was supposed to be a Donald Trump rally at the Bull Valley Country Club.

I arrived about five thinking I would have missed most of it, but hoping to get some crowd photos.

Cheap person that I am, I did not attend the $1,000 indoor reception with Donald Trump, Jr., and Kim Guilfoyle.

I drove up to the front entrance and was told by a policeman that I’d have to park in the back, the entrance to which is on McConnell Road.

Later, I was told local folks drove to the same place to see what was happening and were directed to turn around and drive back out.

The cheapest way in was to pay $50 to park one’s car. Smart people had filled the seats in their vehicles.

With parking came the privilege of standing behind a rope behind about three rows of chairs, which organizers had hoped would be occupied by those willing to pay $150 for a seat.

People seated.
Gary Rabine

There were not many of them, so, before speakers began, the $50 parking people were allowed to occupy the empty seats.

My guess is that Trump, Jr., et al, were quite late.

There were what I would call “filler” speakers that started probably close to the time the event was supposed to have ended.

Host Gary Rabine came out before the sun went down and led the crowd of a couple hundred in a version of a camp song round with the left, right and middle urged to shout “Trump 2020” louder than the other sections.

Rabine announced that there would be a series of tailgate Trump parties after Trump won to replace those of the Bears and Packers, the games of which it seemed few in the crowd were watching.

There was a caramel-colored (his description) man, the Rev. Dean Nelson, who was introduced by Rabine. Nelson heads the Frederick Douglass Foundation.

Nelson spoke of why blacks should be supporting Trump’s re-election.

Unfortunately, I dropped my only pen and couldn’t find it in the grass behind the back row after I took some photos.

After Nelson former National Hockey League player Jeremy Roenick.

He gave the talking points for the re-election of Donald Trump and he talked a l-o-n-g time.

The sun went down and I got cold so I went back to the car, a pretty long way, and found another layer.

Jeremy Roenick

Roenick was still taking when I arrived back with new pens.

In his conclusion, he said,

“Maybe he’s not the best speaker.

“Maybe he’s not the best tweeter.

“Maybe you don’t like him.

“You don’t have to like someone to vote for him.

“You do not have to live with Donald Trump every day.

“Donald Trump’s policies are making American lives better.

“What we are seeing right now is how the Democrats want to run America.”

Next up was former National Football League player Jack Brewer.

He explained how he voted for Barack Obama twice, starting NFL Players of Obama.

A Christian, he asked himself, “Does this administration represent the Godly man I want to become?”

The answer was in the negative.

“We have to call evil by its name. We have to speak boldly.”

Previously, after saying, “I’m praying for Joe Biden,” Brewer criticized the Democrat asserted that Biden had been in office forty-seven years and he can “look back at one single policy he can hang his hat on.

“Joe Biden’s policies have pushed millions of abortions in this nation–sixty-five million.

“He is not somebody that needs to be running this nation.”

The former defensive back told the crowd, “I played in the National Football League and I haven’t watched a single game. You know why? I stand for the flag. I kneel to pray.”

Jack Brewer

He told of some of his charitable work, which includes thirty-five orphanages in Africa and two in Haiti.

Brewer told of being on the fourth plane to Haiti and his dismay that charitable efforts by the Clintons raised more money than the entire Gross National Product of Haiti, yet the situation there now is worse than before the earthquake.

“I called the Clintons out because of this.

“They sent the FBI after me, but the President had my back.”

He said that if Trump is re-elected he has his commitment to improve the living conditions in Haiti.

Commenting on Black Lives Matters, Brewer explained, “If you’re a child of God…why would you need to tell any man your life matters.”

He then pointed to what he believes is the major problem in the black community:

  • over 77% of black children are born out of wedlock
  • of the 2.1 million high school dropouts, 71% are fatherless
  • 91% of homeless children are fatherless

“These are the things people should be talking about.”

Moving to the topic of war, Becker said during the Obama Administration 100,000 bombs were dropped.

“It took this President to bring our troops home, home from overseas.”

Looking at black men in prison, he pointed out that there are “more black men locked up in America than in all of Africa. Over one million black men are locked up for non-violent crimes.”

He asked, “How can you be a Democrat and be against school choice?

“I spend $11,000 per year” to spend my four children “to one of the best Christian schools in my town.”

He contrasted that to big city school districts spending $20-30,000 per child.

Finally, after it was dark, the main speakers came out from the high dollar reception inside.

I didn’t decent notes on the very short talks because I was trying to get a decent photo of Donald Trump, Jr.

Here is the best:

Donald Trump, Jr., and Kim Guilfoyle.

You can watch the speeches below:


Outside Woodstock Trump Rally Features Short Talk by Donald Trump, Jr. — 18 Comments

  1. Why are Black speakers/backers always necessary by these organizers to make people feel it’s OK to support Trump?

    Who’s idea is it?

  2. Thank you for reporting on this and posting the video.

    Good picture!

  3. Also, I like how Jr calls the small outdoor gathering an “overflow event.” LOL.

    What is it with these people and obsession with crowd sizes?

    Did someone tell Jr the outdoor gathering was an overflow or did he know it cost $1,000 to get inside vs. a $50 parking fee for a car full of people to wait outside.

    But also, who is he kidding???

    He knows the people outside know that they aren’t part of any overflow!

    I think it’s just that lies come as seamless to the Trumps as breathing is for most people.

    A lot of their lies are plain weird…. like this one calling the outdoor gathering an overflow.

    Does Jr think his speech is getting picked up by news outlets and he’s looking for good press on an overflow crowd inside.


  4. GOP’s Sen. Sasse says Trump mistreats women, flirts with white supremacy and secretly mocks evangelicals


    “The ways I criticize President Obama for that kind of spending; I’ve criticized President Trump for as well. He mocks evangelicals behind closed doors. His family has treated the presidency like a business opportunity. He’s flirted with white supremacists.”


    Sasse’s spokesman, James Wegmann, in confirming the authenticity of the call, defended his boss as being focused solely on the Senate races to ensure Republicans maintain the majority.

  5. Someone asked where is the Biden rally? Like where is it in McHenry County?

    Biden rallies, in the few times his handlers have allowed him to leave his home basement, have had a tiny amount of people show up compared to Trump rallies where thousands show up and many times can’t get into the venue or airport tarmac area.

    No rally for Biden in McHenry County. If there were, only morons and imbeciles would show up for this doofus, buffoon, plagiarist, racist, rapist, dementia, senile, doddering old fool who was once a sidekick to the worst ever president of the US, Barak Hussein Obama.

    The Democrat Party has continually and rapidly gone downhill with absolutely miserable presidential candidates since JFK, their last good candidate. That was 60 years ago.

  6. Interesting. Just clicked the Post Comment box, looked up and my comment, about Biden, was instantaneously posted at 6:38 PM.

  7. Much is said on various blogs, regarding rallies, signs and polls. Biden isn’t holding rallies in Crystal Lake and Trump isn’t holding one in Chicago. There should be plenty of rallies online that people can watch over and over. 😁

    Signs and polls can’t vote obviously. Once the (s)election is over, nobody really cares what a sign or poll says. 😐

    The Electoral College is what really counts, but “nobody” is discussing that. Who are these electors that we mysteriously elect and who are they choosing for president? 😐

  8. Regarding Jack Brewer, the main issue is Blacks who commit violent crime. ☹️

  9. Not much can be done about Haiti, nor is it a campaign issue. ☹️

  10. The Democrat Party in McHenry is not going downhill. It is going full steam ahead. Sadly, and only know do we realize that the McHenry GOP is filled with Democrats who run as Republicans. No one wants to admit this… but it is true. Instead of actually building on the foundations of the Republican platform they built kingdoms, fiefdoms, and power.

    So the McHenry County Republicans continue to slice away at the core, the base, and have shrank it the point to where Democrats are very viable.

    In 2014 I specifically remember a McGOP Executive meeting where I inquired about running for school boards, park boards, presidents of municipalities, and off year offices to which I was told “people don’t want Republicans in school boards.”

    Great speech by Trump Jr.

  11. Gasser –

    GOP is the party of Trump. Trump is the GOP. QANON is now mainstream GOP.

    Trump can’t denounce QANON.

    When questioned tonight, Trump pretended to not know anything about QANON.

    Now, I can get if the average Joe doesn’t know about QANON.

    It’s impossible to believe that Trump doesn’t know anything about QANON, especially since the FBI called them a domestic terrorist threat.

    Rudy G is acting as a Russian agent right now.

    Figure it out Gasser.

    The GOP is a disaster.

    GOP is the grievance party.

    All they do is whine whine whine whine whine.

    No wonder you thought Don Jr.’s speech was great.


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