Question Raised as to Whether There Is Enough Money to Pay Algonquin Township Road District Employees

At the Algonquin Township Board meeting Wednesday night, Trustee David Chapman asked,

“Has anyone discussed the Road District not being able to pay the employees for the rest of the year?

“It’s very concerning.

‘i don’t know legally what they would do.”

Attorney James Kelly suggested discussing the subject later in the meeting.

Attending the October, 2020, Algonquin Township Board in person were Trustee Dan Shea and Clerk Karen Lukasik. On the right is Assessor Robert Alexander.

Trustee Elaine Ramesh wondered if that was “because of extraordinary legal fees.”

Chapman replied that the Road District budget did not contemplate bringing the three employees fired the day Highway Commissioner Andrew Gasser took office.

“They are several employees over the intended headcount.”

Dan Shea, the senior Trustee, suggested that the budget might have to be re-opened.

Attorney Kelly said that amended budget and appropriation ordinances might be needed, but Gasser would have to bring that to the Board.

“Some of those folks may need to be laid off,” he added.

“It looks like they have a million dollars of unused funds in their budget.

“We can’t let those people go without being paid,” Shea said, adding that is was “massive incompetence.”

When asked if the Township Board would have standing in court, Kelly replied that the issue “has never been litigated, but the Township owns the roads.”

Trustee Bob Becker said he had talked with Gasser and that he “showed no concern.”

He added that Gasser had told him he would be willing to talk to the Board, if they called.

The Board did not call and went into Executive session to discuss a proposed settlement of one of the Edger County Watchdogs’ Freedom of Information cases against Algonquin Townhip.

In other action, $3,700 was transferred from the Construction Bond line item in the Road District to the Clothing and Equipment line item to equip the employees brought back on the payroll as a result of Local 150 of the Operating Engineers Union contract victory.

In addition, $15,000 was transferred from the Engineering Services line item to that for Legal Services in the Highway Department.


Question Raised as to Whether There Is Enough Money to Pay Algonquin Township Road District Employees — 5 Comments

  1. Algonquin Township Road District, the gift that keeps on giving.

  2. These townships are badly run tax boondoggles and sick little Peyton Places.

    We need townships like we need more layers of government.

  3. 3.7 to clothing to make these guys whole, 15K to legal fees, what are you guys missing, people this is craziness.

    Those guys were made whole for their allowances over 3 years.

    Another 15K goes to the lawyer wake up,and I see them working all over the township, not sure of there new directions but keep it up guys!

    Boss is away u will play!

    Nope not what I see, take this township back, if thats what you guys are trying to do, we see it, and appreciate it.

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