Trump Rally in South Elgin Saturday

While it would seem more useful to me for people to be knocking on doors Saturday when people are out in yards, here’s information about a Trump Rally in Elgin Saturday:

Thanks to the sharp eyes of a Friend of McHenry County Blog.


Trump Rally in South Elgin Saturday — 5 Comments

  1. Looks like the Trump Rally will be on a foot bridge over Randall Road and will not disrupt traffic. This is unlike a women’s march scheduled this Saturday apparently along Randall Road.

    There is an article in today’s local newspaper about dumb women who will march on Saturday on Randall Road, perhaps disrupting traffic, in objection to the brilliant Amy Barrett, the Supreme Court Nominee. The web site of these dumb women indicates they want to defund the police.

    The article states a small number of women have signed up. Expect the local newspaper to greatly hype this so-called march with their coverage and pictures probably prominently on their front page.

  2. Oh boy, a bunch of white, entitled boomers gathering together to show their support for selfishness, bigotry, rampant corruption, and incompetence.

    The rest of the world can burn or die in a plague so long as our property taxes don’t go up, eh?

    I look forward to seeing which of my neighbors decide to publicly make fools of themselves.

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