IL-14: Lauren Underwood Embellished View of Her Legislation on Trump Administration Lowering Insulin Costs in New TV Commercial

Lauren Underwood

Echoes of 2018 “R.N. for Congress” commercial, Underwood appeals to Trump voters by stealing his accomplishment

Overnight, Congresswoman Lauren Underwood’s (D, IL-14) campaign released its 3rd TV commercial of the fall campaign, titled “Darcy”. The new TV spot tells about a young girl named Lyla with Type I Diabetes benefiting from lower insulin costs because of the bill “signed by President Trump to help with the cost of insulin”.

The ad is here, and is likely part of a broadcast TV ad buy (guessing the title “Darcy” is the name of the mother):

ANALYSIS: Staying with positive TV ads, and Underwood has yet to launch a negative TV commercial against Republican Jim Oberweis or President Trump, Underwood continues her appeal to Trump voters by creating an illusion the President signed Underwood’s legislation on insulin.

The truth, as Underwood herself said back in December but is not saying now, is the President signed an omnibus government funding bill that included the insulin bill drafted and submitted by Underwood earlier in the same week, as her late December tweet points out:

McHenry County Blog, through a meme released earlier this fall responding to a slide Underwood used in her first 2 fall commercials, explained the Lower Insulin Costs Now Act, relevant portion below:

When President Trump, at the first presidential debate last month, brought up how his administration has done more to reduce the cost of insulin (and other prescription drugs), many of Underwood’s Leftist followers on social media said the President had stolen Underwood’s idea to reduce the cost of insulin.

One can see how deceptive Underwood’s campaign marketing has taken shape:

  • It was Underwood’s legislation that lowered the cost of insulin
  • Underwood proves she can work across the aisle and work with the President to get things done and here’s proof, lower insulin costs

Kind of reminds discerning voters of Underwood’s “R.N. for Congress” TV commercial of two years ago, where a scrubs-attired, stethoscope-wearing Underwood gave the illusion she was a frontline nurse working directly with patients in a doctor’s office setting:

“R.N. for Congress” 2018 TV commercial

As said many times, while Underwood is a licensed R.N. her post-college work experience has been a back-office, no patients-interacting policy administration nurse whether working for the Obama Administration or in the private sector.

The truth on insulin cost reduction, and McHenry County Blog has shared multiple times going back to late December, it was the Trump Administration FDA that implemented policy to reclassify insulin as a biologic that accelerates the approval of lower-cost generic insulin approvals, which would lower insulin costs.

Underwood’s date extension bill, cleverly titled “Lower Insulin Costs Now Act”, which by itself was never signed by President Trump had little to do with lowering insulin costs, but her campaign is taking the credit of the Trump Administration’s policy implementation.

This FDA statement excerpt from December of 2018 by the then-FDA commissioner is relevant to the truth of the bill:

“Starting in March 2020, the approved marketing applications for the small subset of “biological products” such as insulin and human growth hormone – which for complex historical reasons were previously generally approved as drugs under section 505 of the FD&C [Food, Drug & Cosmetic] Act – will be deemed to be biologics licenses under section 351 of the PHSA [Public Health Service Act].

“The final guidance also describes the FDA’s plans for supplements to approved NDAs [New Drug Applications] that are pending under the FD&C Act on March 23, 2020.”

“Statement from FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D., on new actions advancing the agency’s biosimilars policy framework”, December 11, 2018, emphasis added


The March 2020 references from above are crucial and apply to the H.R. 5444 bill’s wording, which, as stated above, was included in its entirety in H.R. 1865, the Appropriations Bill funding the Federal government outside of Defense/Homeland Security.

Underwood’s legislation relevant excerpt:


“(i) IN GENERAL.—With respect to an application for a biological product submitted under subsection (b) or (j) of section 505 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (21 U.S.C. 355) that is filed not later than March 23, 2019, and is not approved as of March 23, 2020, the Secretary shall continue to review such application under such section 505, after March 23, 2020.”

H.R. 5444 “Lower Insulin Costs Now Act” filed on December 17, 2019, and included in H.R. 1865 “Further Consolidated Appropriations Act” for Fiscal Year 2020, approved in House December 17, 2019, emphasis added


Therefore, it is proven, in the second election cycle in a row, Lauren Underwood attempts to fool the voters, by taking a simple date-extension in a bill that was included in the final Appropriations bill and saying her bill was signed by President Trump, and lowered the cost of insulin.

Hopefully, Jim Oberweis’ campaign will get away from the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) talking points of running against House Speakers Nancy Pelosi and Michael Madigan, and expose the truth about Underwood that she is once again not being honest with voters.

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IL-14: Lauren Underwood Embellished View of Her Legislation on Trump Administration Lowering Insulin Costs in New TV Commercial — 2 Comments

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  2. to little to late to be boasting of your no do nothing regime… your gone…. buckwheat… i’m sure the sea hag has a nice brown box for you to sleep in on venice beach…

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