Franks Brings In, Spends Pretty Much Nothing

The campaign finance report for July through September filed by McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks is a nothing burger.

Jack Franks

He took in $20,751.48 and spent $13,880.89.

His D-2 form looks like a non-election report.

Most of the money came from a transfer from his PAC’s First National Bank of Omaha account–$10,000. There was a tiny bit of interest as well.

His biggest contribution was $2,500 from Thelen Sand & Gravel Inc., based in Antioch, but with pits in McHenry County.

$1,000 came from Union Pacific and $750 from Harris & Harris of Chicago, a law firm which seems to specializing in debt collection.

Expenditures were for utilities, insurance, payroll taxes and rent.

Patronage employee Bridget Geenen received a bit over $3,000.

$450 went to criminal defense law firm Ekl Williams & Provenzale LLC.

He lists one unidentified contribution to some candidate for $150.

$3,688.09 was spent on items costing less than $150.

Franks’ PAC is still the 300 pound guerrilla of McHenry County politics.

He has about $483,000 in resources.


Franks Brings In, Spends Pretty Much Nothing — 8 Comments

  1. $483,000.00 is an insane amount of money in what is the proper word, a political slush fund, or is it called something else?

    A 527 organization has a wide scope.

  2. Allen Skillicorn’s 3rd quarter D-2 looks more like a non-election report.

  3. **Franks’ PAC is still the 300 pound guerrilla of McHenry County politics.**

    That’s a pretty small gorilla.

  4. Intentional dieting or are looming court cases (Springfield allegations and divorce) taking their toll?

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