Message of the Day – Hate

Here’s a billboard that has been featured before.

Now, it has been defaced on both sides, which are pretty much identical.

Rt. 120 Trump billboard from the east.

The billboard facing east says, “”Promises Made, Promises Kept. Proudly paid for by the Republican Central Committee of McHenry County. A copy of our report is (will be) available on the web site for purchase from the Illinois State Board of Elections, Springfield.”

Rt. 120 billboard from the west.

The billboard facing west says, “Promises Made, Promises Kept. Proudly paid for by Legal Immigrant Citizen Evert Evertsen.”


Message of the Day – Hate — 17 Comments

  1. Vandalism is never acceptable, but I believed Trump when he promised to release the Kennedy assassination sealed documents, as well as the 26 page redaction of the 9-11 report.

    Fool me once…

    I am voting Constitution Party!

  2. Don’t know who committed the vandalism against a Trump ad. But, we do know the kind of people who support Democrats and Biden. They are the ones who vandalize, loot and burn down cities. Democrat controlled cities.

  3. Gary? I think EVERYBODY believed him when he said Hillary would be in jail. He is just another actor reading his script. They are all paid to play actors. Not one government official anywhere in the world is real. It’s all a big game. Put your trust in Jesus.

  4. Yes Bred. And while we are on here casting wide nets, let also point out that we know the kind of people who support Republicans and Trump. They are proud boys, white supremist, QANON conspiracy theorists, and kidnappers.

  5. In 2020, various Democrat Mayors such as in Portland and Minneapolis condoned vandalism or takeover and occupation by mobs of neighborhoods in their cities. That is not unusual in that there were other incidents of recklessness by Democrat mayors in the past.

    In April, 2015, Baltimore Democrat Mayor Stephanie Rawlings gave permission to rioters, looters and arsonists to destroy the city of Baltimore. She said:

    “It’s a very delicate balancing act because while we try to make sure that they were protected from the cars and the other things that were going on, we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well, and we work very hard to keep that balance and to put ourselves in the best position to de-escalate.”

    There is ample evidence just recently in 2020 that Democrat elected officials condone violence, looting and arson. There have been a number of cities wherein Democrat politicians proposed defunding or cutting back on police when violence and rioting occurred in their cities. The goofball mayor of NY actually cut back/defunded a very large department of undercover police.

    It is a very strong Democrat base of voters that has elected various Democrat mayors whose cities have experienced vandalism, anarchy, insurrection, looting and arson in 2020.

  6. Gary, maybe he really meant to keep his promises, but a nice Deep State fellow showed him what Baron would look like with his eyes gouged out and suggested maybe he should rewatch Oliver Stone’s JFK.

    I’m still waiting for the wall.

    At least he didn’t ignite any new wars, although the assassination if the Iranian general was a damn good try.

    Gary, why is Fauci still in the picture?

    Why is Assange not pardoned?

    Why are there still many transgendered in the military?

    Why did the US Embassy fly the rainbow flag on Pride Day in Moscow?

    Why isn’t Killary in jail?

    Or Comey, Brennan, Clapper or any of the lesser thugs?

  7. Bred, when Trump says ‘Elect me for law and order in Portland, Chicago, etc., ” what powers will he have Jan 20th he doesn’t have now?

    Just asking.

  8. Trump…… He’s controlled opposition every inch of the way.

    With Deep Staters like Pompeo, Fauci and Barr in charge what the hell ever changed?

    Kabuki theatre politics for the lumpen proletariat.

  9. Re 2020 riots in Democrat controlled cities such as Portland, Chicago, etc (Oct 16, 11:33 AM)

    Trump did not and cannot send U.S. Troops into U.S. cities unless the mayors of these cities, also the governors of the states involved, ask for them.

    This is per US law named Posse Comitatus.

  10. Trump needs 4 more years.

    The Constitution Party won’t be able to get anything done.

    Wasted vote.

  11. Not true Bred.

    Trump can and did send federal LE personnel to safeguard federal installations in WA and OR (fed. Court houses, USPS facilities, power plants, interstate highways, vital ports, etc.) w/o any permission from the mayors or governors!

    The problem is, he withdrew them quickly when the media went full libtard.

    Then the US Courthouse in Portland got torched.

  12. Well Leopardman, Trump did send in federals to safeguard “federal installations” but not whole cities or neighborhoods of cities. A mayor has to specifically request federal forces from the president to protect some or all parts of his/her city.

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