Mike Buehler Hits Franks’ Springfield Problem in First Mailing

Here is the first mailing of the McHenry County Board Chairmanship campaign:


Mike Buehler Hits Franks’ Springfield Problem in First Mailing — 7 Comments

  1. Jack, do yourself and your family a favor and simply resign.

    Mike Buehler is a good man.

    Just think if you pass on the baton now, how you can use that in your plea bargaining.

    Of course maybe you think it’s a chip in a quid pro quo.

    I wonder if Jack is the informant working with the feds.

    If he is the mole, it’s probably all the feds dreamed of and it would explain why he hasn’t been charged. (Publicly)

    In my grand conspiracy theories it may be a reason jack hasn’t resigned so he can keep fat boy talking.

  2. That picture of Jack makes him look like a thug.

    The Feds are never going to to anything productive in McHenry County.

  3. Well, glory be!

    Ferris Buehler’s holiday is over.

    How many people have already voted by the time that thing actually hits?


  4. Frank is right on (hopefully) as to the reasons Little Bo Peep Franks remains uncharged.

  5. Mike Buehler is the right man for the job! Jack needs to go away forever!

    I’m sure he wanted to groom his kid who is a precinct committeeman to carry on the Franks dynasty!

    Time to rid all the Franks family once in for all!

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