Pritzker Not Sending of Thousands to Local Democratic Party This Year

Looking at the McHenry County Democratic Party’s campaign disclosure statement, what pops out is the dog that didn’t bark.

Two years ago lots of money $11,833.33 was funneled through the Rock Island County Democratic Central Committee to McHenry County.

This year receipts for local Democrats totaled just $6,393.

Those giving over $150 were

  • Pat Lawlor, Marengo – $1,520
  • Ann Painchaud, Algonquin – $185
  • Ray Thornton, Marengo – $275

An additional $3,853 was received in amounts less than $150.

A refund of $500 from McHenry County College is also reported. That’s where the party has rented a meeting room in the past.

Spent was $9,212.65, that which was over $150 is detailed below:

  • $2,100 rent to Maria Manriguez of Woodstock
  • $681.86 to Cary’s Smith & Associates for insurance
  • $1,736 to Chicago’s Minuteman Press for mugs
  • $1,000 to the Illinois Democratic County Chair’s Association for a sponsorship of a Springfield brunch (Kristina Zahorik, McHenry County Dem Chair, heads the state organization)
  • $600 to Illinois Democratic County Chair’s Association for yard signs
  • $1,695.44 to Forest Printing Company of Forest Park for brochures
  • $118 a month for internet service
  • $38 a month for gas
  • $180 refund to Susan Brens of Huntley for the Thomas Jefferson Day Dinner
  • $54 a month for L.A.’s Nationbuilder for a web site


Pritzker Not Sending of Thousands to Local Democratic Party This Year — 5 Comments

  1. Well we have all heard, Happy Wife, Happy Life, then there is Jack Franks.

    Could it be Debby Franks and Mary Munster Pritzker are good friends and confide in one another?

    Debby Franks will need a Heavy Weight, in the boxing ring.

  2. Thos. Jefferson dinner?!

    Change that name fast!

    Jefferson is on the BLM BM list, he owned slaves.

  3. The Thomas Jefferson Day Dinner could be renamed The Sally Hemings Day Dinner.

    Thomas really loved Sally dearly. 😊

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