Sager Campaign Report

It’s the time when citizens are allowed to peek behind the curtain of campaign contributions and spending.

Brian Sager

Woodstock Mayor Brian Sager started July with nil ($137.50) and as of October 1st, had $29,340.59 in the bank.

Contributions follow:

  • $500 -Mary Finch, Richmond
  • $500 – Rusty Foszcz, Richmond
  • $10,000. Friends of Johnathan Carroll, Northbrook
  • $25,000 – JB for Governor
  • $2,500 – Stand for Children Indiana/Illinois PAC, Portland, OR
  • $1,000 – UFCW [Union of Food and Commercial Workers] Local 881 PAC, Des Plaines
  • $7,500 – Brian Sager loan [in all, he has loaned his campaign $45,000)

Where did Sager spend his money in the last three months?

  • $9,670 – Breaker Press, Chicago [known for its role in the Illinois Integrity Fund mailings]
  • $960 – Emanuel’s Welding LLC, rebar
  • $1,000 – Bridget Geenen, LITH [Jack Franks’ patronage worker]
  • $2,920 – Christine Johanson, Woodstock
  • $2,920 – LAMAR, Janesville, WI, billboards
  • $500 – Stephanie Lee, Crystal Lake
  • $500 – Cindy Smiley, Woodstock

There was $32.91 also reported.


Sager Campaign Report — 10 Comments

  1. Bridget Geneen is a really toxic person, as anyone who ever dealt with her can attest. Total libtard and cultural Marxist.

    I can see her machinegunning people or slitting their throats.

    She is a Lgbtq hyper activist and advocate.

    In short she is monster….. what could Sager use her for?

    Scaring people to vote for him?

    Delivering glenlivet scotch bottles to Reick?

    Ballot harvesting at the County Clerk’s?

  2. $2,500 – Stand for Children Indiana/Illinois PAC, Portland, Oregon is MOST INTERESTING and contradicting if you know Sager!

  3. $25k from JB for Gov.

    That should tell you all you need to know about Sager.

  4. haha breaker press kicks in over $9000 probably from profits made from Jack Franks mailers….

    thats scary…

    but even scarier in the $2500 from the stand for children group….

  5. Gotta wonder if Brian accompanied Jack Franks, of if those two were even invited, to Governor Lardass’s little soiree three weeks ago at Mars Resort up at Lake Como, west of Lake Geneva.

    You know the one, boys, the one where JB rented the entire place for the evening for his private event, had them turn off their cameras and had his security detail (?) collect all cell phones at the door.

    Anyone besides a friend who usually frequents Mars get turned away due to a “private party” there three weeks back?

  6. **haha breaker press kicks in over $9000 probably from profits made from Jack Franks mailers….**

    Again, reading comprehension, y’all.

    Breaker Press didn’t “kick in” any money.

    Sager PAID Breaker Press $9,000.

    Good try though.

  7. Good one, Alabama.

    But has Sager been tested for mental vacuity?

    He’s a delusional, narcissistic sexual deviant who wrecked Woodstock, and a pension pig of the first water.

    His cell phone holds many secrets.

  8. The picture looks like a poster of a ‘Kansas City Fag’ in my opinion.

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