Yard Sign Suggests Googling “Jack Franks Investigation”

A Friend of McHenry County Blog apparently found this yard sign last night:

“Google ‘Jack Franks Investigation’ Don’t Trust this man! paid for by Truth Bomb IL.”


Yard Sign Suggests Googling “Jack Franks Investigation” — 8 Comments

  1. The Jackal’s nose is actually longer.

    Hey where does he live now?

    In the treehouse near the Great Solar Farm?

    His nose is considerably longer than his male organ of regeneration.

  2. Is that a custom one-off or can we request those?

    There should be one of these next to every one of Franks little fruity looking signs .

  3. Am not finding any evidence of Frank’s being found to do wrong doing, just allegations.

    What a stupid smear campaign.

    Probably some Republican dirty tricks, since they can’t actually stand on their own ethics, they need to insinuate crimes of others.

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