Another New Sign Against Jack Franks’ Re-Election

A new sign has popped up to advertise against Jack Franks’ re-election:

“It’s Time to say Hit the Road Jack Franks, so I will vote for Mike Buehler.”

Another one popped us in the last week as well:

“Google It ‘Jack Franks Investigation’ Don’t Trust this man. Paid For By Truth Bomb IL”

I don’t know where to get either sign.


Another New Sign Against Jack Franks’ Re-Election — 9 Comments

  1. I like the message but too much written on it to read by the average motorists.

    Whoever is designing these needs to quit or learn a thing or two about advertising.

  2. Cute, but watch how the election rigging goes.

    We have had a succession of clerks who do not understand digital and software cheating.

    Franks will win 52.7% to Buehler’s 47.2%, the rest will be write-ins.

    But Franks’ real total will be 45% to Buehler’s 54.9%

    Gee, how could that happen?

  3. Métis, you scare me.

    In my job I talk to a lot of people, Franks support is thin.

    If he does win something is wrong.

    Very wrong.

  4. That first one is awful. Couldn’t read it at a stop sign!
    The second should have a much longer nose and be on a 4×8.

  5. That’s frightening skin, I pray you’re wrong, otherwise we’re dead.

  6. CPT? Oh, he’s right. But he’s not even close to telling the truth about the real numbers. How do you think all those demonrat governors swept into office in the last national elections? Always been rigged. This year is a given that they are playing hard and fast on all levels of corruption. You will once again, get what they decide.

  7. What a stupid smear campaign.

    Probably from Republicans, since they can’t stand on their own morals, they need to insinuate crimes of others.


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