Daily Herald Features Women’s March(es)

This sentence jumped out of the Daily Herald article on women gathering at various suburban locations:

“‘I was waiting for someone to do something and no one did, so I found myself planning a march,’ said [Jan] Perkins, who organized dozens of women Saturday along a 28-mile stretch of Randall Road from Aurora to Algonquin.”



Daily Herald Features Women’s March(es) — 5 Comments

  1. According to the article, women were marching to preserve “reproductive rights”.

    There has been no threat in the U.S. to deny women their right to get pregnant and then bring an infant baby into this world through birth, thus “reproducing” human beings.

  2. These women look like hags, crones, Trans, std sec workers, rags, skanks, freaks, methies and pachyderms.

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