White Bernotas Middle School Parent Echos Black Mother’s Criticism with a Twist

From Jack Captain, left as a comment on the article entitled,

Parent of Black Child Finds Bernotas Unwelcoming

To the mom that wrote this [see article above]:

I believe that the racial insensitivity is apparent.

Your children are the minority 7% in McHenry County.

However whereas there may be some actual racism by some individuals, I would challenge you that “racism” isn’t the core culprit.

First, let me say that I am sorry that this is happening to you and it shouldn’t.

However, please cafefully consider the fact that racism isn’t necessarily the movitation, and culture IS.

You are dealing with two cultures here and both are working against you.

First, your children are a minority in how the “look” – that’s it!

So are the redheads.

Second, and more prevalent to me as a parent of multiple children through this disgrace of a school, Bernotas is a complete and utter dumpster fire – the most horrific educational culture I have ever observed.

How and why?

The underlying issue is the entire public education system in our country.

I don’t need to elaborate – if you’re a half-way thinking person you can understand that unions funded by tax dollars aren’t accountable to anyone and look out for themselves first, their jobs and pensions second, and kids are somewhere else down the line. It is equivalent to hostage-taking.

Second, add in politics.

Kathy Hinz has the social skills of a salted peanut.

Her underlings, Kellie Marks and Scott Meyers are enabled by Kathy’s incompetence.

Kellie blames the victim – she has done it over and over again – because she is too cowardly to address bullying diretly.

In other words, she is a paper shuffling government employee and completely incompetent.

Her assistant, Scott Meyer (when he isn’t fiddling with the other teachers in the staff parking lot) spends his time creeping out the kids.

These two are the Keystone Kops except we can’t fire them and they might just be on something because they certainly don’t move that fast.

In other words, your kids are NOT protected from bullying because bullying is the way at Bernotas.

When bullys don’t get their asses kicked OR at least expelled, and when victims are taught to accept their plight or share in the responsibility of what was done to them, you basically get children with Stockholm Syndrome.

Get them out of that hell hole as soon as possible.

Due to increasingly socialistic levels of taxation and depressed economics in McHenry County, we have been unable to keep our kids away from Bernotas so we have held our noses and coached our kids through literal HELL for three years each.

My best advice to you is take the e-learning home school option however you can do it – even if that means that your kids spend the day at somebody elses house each day while you’re at work (if that’s your situation) and keep them as far away from this as possible.

THEN, I’d suggest attending board meetings [the next one is Monday night at 7 at the CORE Center) where you can address the elected goons directly, for they truly enable the union to screw the tax payer with high costs and ineffectual education practices.

When your kids reach D155 they’ll have a much better time and will be treated like humans as the culture is far superior, however the budget is out of line.

That’s for another post.

As soon as people realize that neither district cares about your kids but about themselves, this all starts to make sense.

Your other option is to move out of Illinois, if you can find a safe place to go.

Again – I’m so sorry for your experience but I assure you – it’s not the color of your skin.

It’s the content of THEIR character.


White Bernotas Middle School Parent Echos Black Mother’s Criticism with a Twist — 25 Comments

  1. Tell the mother to move back to Chicago where she’ll find 100% black ‘pupils’ 60% black ‘teachers’ and 100% black administrators.

    When she’s sick of the incompetence, violence, bedlam and chaos, she can reapply.

  2. **First, your children are a minority in how the “look” – that’s it! So are the redheads.**

    Yea… those redheads experience discrimination just like black people.

    Good god…

  3. **Due to increasingly socialistic levels of taxation and depressed economics in McHenry County,**

    Oh, and missed this one. This parent seems… confused.

  4. Sorry is not needed here that’s what’s wrong with the mentality in this society what r u sorry for?

    n this state who do u think elected the pension mongers in the first place!

    Now we all have to deal with it what Does not kill you as they say makes u stronger!

    Not everyone can be a winner!

    She has other options ….

  5. All students will now be required to listen/watch Michelle Obama’s hate Whitey rants,
    that’ll teach’em.

  6. What discrimination did she define that differs from that of redheads? Since you’re accepting her charge at face value surely you must know the discrimination her offspring encountered.

  7. Chicago Public Schools doesn’t have 100% Black students and 100% Black administrators. 😐

  8. A white person’s perspective on a minority’s experience with racial injustice is irrelevant—unless you were the aggressor and are trying to explain yourself.

    The OP isn’t asking for your take on what happened here Jack, you’re issuing the point.

    Furthermore, you trying to “assure her… it’s not the color of her skin,” is an absolute racial micro aggression that not only tries to exert your majority dominance (in telling her how she should feel), but also perpetuates your ignorance in exercising your white privilege.

    Jack is an example of a white person trying to take a minority’s side, while not understanding why the attempt was rejected.

  9. It’s all a matter of systemic racism. The Mom is right! Without whites her splibs could win Nobel prizes in physics and medicine!

    But the problem is, without whites she and her pickininnies would still be living in trees.

  10. Contact Patrick B. Kenneally immediately! That dipstick will do nothing per usual but this time he would be correct.

    It must be a blue moon!

  11. If only our scholar in residence Little Eddie was in charge
    of the world all problems would be solved and all suffering would end immediately.

    We beseech you, hear our pleas and save us Little Eddie ! 😝

  12. Lakewood resident is an example of a complete idiot who would believe in the Tooth Fairy if a minority told him it truly existed.

  13. It’s laughable to have someone under the moniker of “Lakewood resident” blacksplaining to us and regurgitating her indoctrination into critical hate theory (er, critical race theory).


    Speaking of things that are irrelevant.

  14. Take a look at all the food stamp users st Walmart. Buying good steaks on our dime.

    Who brought them in?

  15. JPMatthews is indeed correct to wonder this.

    There is a special place in hell for the people that did this.

  16. Black women were especially fond of screeching about in this dramatic fashion.

    Everything is a racial aggression, except their antiWhite hate.

  17. Yet the herd of the children of the illegal Mexican continue to eat the gratis breakfast and lunches and enjoying the gratis babysitting paid by the “racist” natives!

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