Algonquin Police Still Tagging Speeders, One with Pot

With enhanced enforcement starting in at least three communities in southeastern McHenry County–Algonquin, Crystal Lake and Lake in the Hills–one would think speeders might get the message.

Before it began, Algonquin caught two last week, one 21-year old woman was found to have marijuana that apparently was not purchased at a state-approved (and taxed) store.


Algonquin Police Still Tagging Speeders, One with Pot — 5 Comments

  1. Why is Roshanda in CL? Ask Franks why he imported all the section 8ers.

  2. ^ Keep it classy CL.

    What’s the point of a review period if racist comments like these are still going to get posted?

    Letting things like this through only spreads hate and harbors support for groups of people who may potentially act on such racist rhetoric.

    Despite your political/personal beliefs, racism should not be tolerated in a public forum.

  3. Ah yes the effects of cheeba smoking while driving aren’t we lucky….

    Thanks IL… law breakers…

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