Businessman Jim Kearns Endorses Businessman Mike Buehler for County Board Chairman

From the Mike Buehler campaign:


HUNTLEY, IL – Jim Kearns, a member of the McHenry County Board representing the 6th District, has endorsed Mike Buehler for McHenry County Board Chairman.  

Jim Kearns

“Mike isn’t a politician.

“He’s a businessman who understands the bottom line,” said Kearns.

“And the bottom line for the McHenry County Board is conducting business on behalf of residents of the county.

“Our current chairman tries to bully people into going his way.

“Mike understands that he’s not there to force board members to agree with him; he’s there, or will be there, to help the board arrive at the best decisions that will benefit residents and taxpayers.” 

Kearns was among a strong majority of board members who voted to rein in the current County Board Chairman in terms of how the board handled budgetary matters and rules for committees.

Kearns described the atmosphere created by the chairman as confrontational rather than cooperative and productive.

He’s confident that will change with Buehler as Chairman. 

“While running his business for 25 years, Mike has demonstrated leadership skills that don’t rely on bullying people into doing their jobs,” said Kearns.

“He leads by inspiring people to do their best – by letting them know that their opinions are respected and that they won’t be punished for daring to suggest something that doesn’t fit his ideas.

“He welcomes all input because he knows that’s how we’ll reach the best decisions.” 


Businessman Jim Kearns Endorses Businessman Mike Buehler for County Board Chairman — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks, Jim, for stepping up.

    It will be a different Board with Mike at the helm.

    R-E-S-P-E-C-T goes a long way.

    Add the knowledge and experience of a businessman, rather than a self serving politician, and McHenry County will move forward.

    Good luck in your election.

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