Crystal Lake’s Lundahl Middle School Coronavirus Outbreak Closes School Until Day After the Election

Dr. Kathy Hinz, Superintendent of Crystal Lake Grade School District 47, told Board members Monday evening that the McHenry County Health Department had declared a Covid-19 outbreak at Lundahl Middle School that morning.

Six cases among students and staff were enough to make the determineation.

Kathy Hinz

The County Department did not tell District 47 what to do, but fifty people were recommended quarantined.

That about 10% of staff and students at Lundahl.

The Superintendent decided to close the school.

Teachers’ access to the building has been suspended.

Remote learning will be required of all students.

The school has been open for in-person attendance only two weeks.

Hinz said the premises would continue to be deep cleaned tomorrow, as well as Election Day, the day before the junior high will be re-opened.

She explained that social distancing was being practiced everywhere but on buses.

The Illinois Department of Public Health allows up to fifty students on a bus.

If one tests positive for Covid-19, students sitting within six feet are told to quarantine.

Man making Public Comment at District 47 Board Meeting.

During Public Comment a father complained at the reduction in the length of teaching from six and half hours last year to five now, the minimum required by state law.

“In year’s past, we barely have [had] enough time to get through the curriculum.

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The following email was sent to District 47 parents in English and Spanish:

Dear parents or guardians: 

We were notified by the McHenry County Department of Health today that they consider the confirmed cases of COVID-19 at Lundahl Middle School to be an outbreak. As we continue to prioritize the health and safety of all students and staff, we have decided to close the building and move everyone to remote learning for the next 14 days. Per our reopening plan, rigorous cleaning and disinfecting protocols will be implemented at Lundahl as outlined by the IDPH. Please see below for what this transition to remote learning means for LMS student(s):

  • There will be no school this afternoon (Mon., 10/19) from 2 pm-3 pm for remote and in-person students to allow teachers time to prepare for the transition to remote learning. 
  • All students will engage in learning from home with their current teacher(s) for the next two weeks. In-person instruction will resume on Wed., Nov. 4th. 
  • Tomorrow (Tues., 10/20) students who were currently receiving in-person instruction will receive the daily template through Seesaw from their first period teacher. The same daily templates will be used and will include embedded links for remote instruction. Nothing will change for students who are currently in the remote learning model. Class schedules and teachers will not change for remote or in-person students. 
  • Students do not need to quarantine unless they have been notified that they are a close contact. 
  • Food distribution for remote families (including all LMS families) will take place at Hannah Beardsley Middle School on Tuesday, 10/20 from 3 pm-6 pm. 
  • For tech support over the next two weeks, Lundahl families can email or stop by Indian Prairie Elementary School (651 Village Rd, Crystal Lake). 

As we continue to implement our return-to-learn plan and the hybrid model, I understand that these situations can appear to be setbacks along the way. Please know that we understand the inconvenience and hardship that the schools not being open can cause for families. Our decision today is one of the ways in which we will continue to prioritize the health and safety of all. If you and/or any member of your family exhibits COVID-19 symptoms, please feel free to call the school’s health office during this period of remote learning. 


Dr. Hinz

Dr. Kathy J. Hinz



Crystal Lake’s Lundahl Middle School Coronavirus Outbreak Closes School Until Day After the Election — 12 Comments

  1. Isn’t it convenient that all of these schools were closed until after the election?

    You know, because the “virus” will magically stop making people sick afterwards.

  2. Yup!

    They learn more when they ain’t in school being indoctrinated with LGBTQ BS and BLM hate!

  3. The amount of sheer stupidity and people that actually go along with this hoax is the epitome of delusional. There aint no such thing as contagion let alone a fake cartoon virus! When will the people STOP following Satan’s lies? The gate truly is small and narrow!

  4. Next they’ll be closing the schools because of “Zass”!

  5. The teacher creatures expose just how lazy, ignorant and greedy they are.

  6. Cindy, I will never understand your kind of stupid but I do admire your commitment to it.

  7. Stephen will be among the first in line for the “vaccine”. Good boy!

  8. If they can get away with teaching less and still getting pension don’t think they won’t, I vote for All Year School !

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