Ness Outspends Skillicorn 4,826 to 1, Campaign at Congressional Level

With Republican State Rep. Allen Skillicorn only spending $150 in an contribution to an unidentified politician and Democrat Suzanne Ness spending $723,881.47, you get one guess as who is going to win.

Allen Skillicorn and Eileen Marhoefer at Judge David Gervais’ event.

Skillicorn reports owing himself $110,881.47 and has $94,491.31, if one adds the recent $2,000 donation from Chicagoan Vincent Kolber.

And the Illinois Citizens for Life PAC did make a mailing on Skillicorn’s behalf last week costing $1,126.93.

That, plus some leftover yard signs consists of the Skillicorn re-election campaign.

He obviously can repay a good part of the money he has loaned his campaign fund.

Ness is equally obviously being set up by House Speaker Mike Madigan for bigger things.

When she ran for McHenry County Board two years ago, one astute political observer noted that it was a “State Rep. campaign,” not a County Board campaign.

The Ness campaign this time is a congressional campaign.

Expect a district, probably containing all of McHenry County, plus most of the Kane County part of the State Rep. district to be reapportioned with her in mind.

Among individual and corporate donors Ness has two contributions from people in her district:

  • $250 – Faye Blake, East Dundee
  • $200 – Maurice Hill, Crystal Lake

Three more are from McHenry County, but outside her district:

  • $1,000 – Janice Bosman, Woodstock
  • $500 – Russell Foszcz, Richmond

Non-district individual and business contributors follow:

  • $3,200 – Alliance For Living nfp, Northfiedl
  • $1,060 – B & D Hotel Corporation, Chicago
  • $1,000 – Clayton Residential Home, Inc., Chicago
  • $5,800 – Fred Eychaner, Chicago
  • $250 – Andres Glassford,, St. Charles
  • $950 – Lake Park Center, Waukegan
  • $250 – Nekritz Amdor Consulting LLC, Northbrook
  • $680 – Sharon Healthcare Woods, Inc., Peoria
  • $200 – Skokie Meadows, Skokie
  • $200 – The Citadel of Skokie, Skokie
  • $970 – Terrace, Ltd., Chicago Heights
  • $5,763.12 – from contributions smaller than $150.01.

Now for the big stuff, which comes directly or indirectly from Michael Madigan.

There are twenty itemized cash transfers from political entities totaling $618,280:

  • $10,000 – Fire Fighters of IL PAC Fund, Springfield
  • $57,800 – Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters Political Action Committee, Chicago
  • $57,800 – Chicagoland Operators Joint Labor Management PAC, Countryside
  • $57,800 – Citizens for Gregory Harris, Chicago
  • $57,800 – Daniel Didech Campaign Committee, Buffalo Grove
  • $2,400 – Democratic Majority, Springfield
  • $57,800 – Friends of Michelle Mussman 09-09, Schaumburg
  • $57,800 – Friends of Natalie Manley, Joliet
  • $46,100 – Friends to Elect Kathleen Willis, Addison
  • $57,800 – Illinois Federation of Teachers COPE, Westmont
  • $2,500 – JB For Governor, Chicago
  • $57,800 – Laborers’ Political League Education Fund, Washington, D.C.
  • $57,800 – Liuna Chicago Laborers’ District Council Political Action Committee, Chicago
  • $15,000 – SEIU Healthcare IL IN PAC, Chicago
  • $10,000 – SEIU Illinois Council PAC Fund, Chicago
  • $7,500 – Smart Local 265 PAC Fund, Carol Stream
  • $2,000 – Sprinkler Fitters Local 281, U.A. Political Education Fund, Alsip
  • $1,500 – SUAAction, Springfield
  • $1,500 – UFCW Local 881 Political Action Committee, Des Plaines

And, that’s not all.

Now look at the $312,592.44 in-kind contribution–thirty-three in all–during July, August and September:

The first group was paid for by Mike Madigan’s Democratic Majority PAC:

  • $2,679.54 – Kylie Kelly, Chicago, for salary and insurance
  • $2,956.32 – Hanna Cook, Chicago, for salary
  • $4,924.50 – Kathleen Stanczykewicz, Mundelein, for salary
  • 8-20, $31,000 for polling by Tulchin Research, San Francisco
  • 9-12, $36,590.30 for persuasion calls by Winning Connections, DC
  • 9-29, $6,257 for digital advertising, Dover Strategy Group
  • 9-29, $16,500 for polling by Tulchin Research, SF

Below are expenditures are mailings for Ness by Mike Madigan’s Democratic Party of Illinois, all done by the Dover Strategy Group of Chicago:

  • 7-23, $15,598.77
  • 8-3, $14,102.23
  • 8-3, $14,102.23
  • 8-12, $12,309.58
  • 8-19, $14,402.23
  • 9-3, $35,187.68
  • 9-3, $14,002.23
  • 9-17, $19,928.59
  • 9-17, $21,858.18
  • 9-30, $18,335.94
  • 9-30, $21,658.18

State political parties get a non-profit postage rate, which explains why the mailings came from the Democratic Party.

Pro-abortion Personal PAC made one mailing:

  • 9-10, $3,864.39

There were three mailings from another supporter of abortion, Planned Parenthood Illinois Action PAC:

  • 9-20, $1,533.40
  • 9-22, $1,533.40
  • 9-24, $1,533.40

There have been still more resources pouring in since October 1st:

  • 10-2, $4,500 for production services, Devine Mulvey Longabaugh, Inc., DC, from Democratic Majority
  • 10-2, $1,786.70 for organizing by Kenneth Dixon by Sierra Club IL Chapter PAC
  • 10-5, $16,500 for polling by Tulchin Research, SF, by Democratic Majority
  • $50,000 from Friends of Robert “Bob” Rita, Blue Island
  • 10-7, $8,000 from Associated Fire Fighters of IL PAC Fund
  • 10-7, $1,850 from Albany Care, Inc., Evanston
  • 10-7, $1,212.54 for Hanna Cook from Democratic Majority
  • 10-7, $1,733.34 for Kathleen Stanczykiewicz from Democratic Majority
  • 10-13, $161,500 from Democratic Majority
  • 10-13, $57,800 from Engineers Political Education Committee, Washington, DC
  • 10-13, $45,000 from Friends of Mike Halpin, Rock Island
  • 10-13, $10,000 from I.P.A.C.E. [IEA teachers PAC]
  • 10-14, $35,000 from AFSCME, Washington, DC
  • 10-15, $20,948.51 from Democratic Party of Illinois for mailing
  • 10-16, $5063.48 from Gun Violence Prevention Pac for phone calls by The Sexton Group, Chicago

Finally, let’s look at expenditures directly from Ness’ campaign fund:

Television ads purchased by Buying Time of Washington, DC:

  • 8-28, $18,630
  • 9-2, 20,400
  • 9-19, $112,200
  • 9-17, $111,150
  • 9-23, $113,100
September 26 Suzanne Ness TV ad screen shot.

There have obviously been more purchases since then, but they will not be reported until January.

She purchased digital advertising as well:

  • 9-23, $6,120 from Dover Group of Philadelphia, PA.

Texting marketing, purchased from San Francisco’s Texting Marketing, was also in the mix:

  • 7-30, $100
  • 8-24, $5,388.60
  • 9-8, $13.80

And here is a surprise. The campaign is renting space in Carpentersville from Otto Engineering, the company that strong conservative Jack Roeser founded. The company has bought and renovated adjacent buildings along the Fox River. The one were Roeser’s wake was held seemed quite empty at that time.

Besides the employees financed by Mike Madigan, others have been paid to assist with the campaign:

  • Branding Hatch is handling the web site for $375 a month
  • Bret Burk of Crystal Lake is on the payroll, earning about $270 a week
  • Hanna Cook, mentioned above being paid by Madigan, shows up as being paid in July by Ness
  • Christine Heinz received about $300 a week in September
  • Chloe Troub of Chicago put in about $150 a week’s worth of work the last three weeks of September
  • Kylle Kelly of Chicago, another Madigan staffer, was paid $295 the last week of September

There were some other miscellaneous expenditures:

  • 7-15, $2,290 for printing by Stars and Stripes Printing, Bridgeview
  • 7-23, $551.63 for printing by Awesome Campaigns in Elgin
  • 8-14, $450 for photographs by Doug McGoldrick Photography, River Forest
  • 8-25/27, $462 for a donor data base from DonorSnap of Heartland, WI
  • 9-10, $800 for graphic design by Hoopes Media, Parker, CO
  • Various, $3,674.64 for postage


Ness Outspends Skillicorn 4,826 to 1, Campaign at Congressional Level — 9 Comments

  1. DANG. IF ONLY people knew Skillicorn didn’t want to run, and there were some kind of special sessions where others interested could apply for the job so that a successor could be identified, get Skillicorn out in time, and then run a respectable campaign with someone else…

    Oh, wait, that happened, and people expressed interest, and Skillicorn STILL didn’t drop out, and since then he has ran a ghost campaign that is considered dead in the water.

    There is a special spot in political hell reserved for Skillicorn.

    I hear he wants to be some DC big shot.

    What kind of DC political nerd would hire Skillicorn after he pulled this stunt?

    What Skillicorn has done is abominable.

    Maybe he can go work at the factory again.

  2. Correcting: I agree 100% with you.

    After the election, the rest of the pieces will need to be revealed, and it isn’t pretty.

    The theory, Skillicorn is going to move out-of-state as soon as his term is up in early January, likely to AZ, which is turning bluer by the day.

    Not sure about the congressional level, though some of the signs would make it appear so, particularly Ness’ attack ad against Skillicorn which appears to be overkill, unless there is some internal polling saying Skillicorn is still too close.

    Whether Lauren Underwood wins or loses, she will have a district drawn for her, though it’s doubtful it’ll be a district configured the way the current 14th is.

    IL losing a congressional seat in the 2020 Census is a foregone conclusion, and Mike Madigan by hook or crook, will make sure a downstate Republican-held district is absorbed.

    Where/how the new 14th is drawn will be determined by Mike Madigan, and he knows what he’s doing.

    Underwood will move anywhere when the new 14th boundaries are settled.

    I don’t see Ness being “succession planning” for Congress, unless the 16th (Adam Kinzinger) is reconfigured to include all/part of McHenry County (as it was for 20 years), and given a likely statewide run for Kinzinger, Ness is ready/waiting to run in the new 16th just as Sue Rezin is prepared to run on the Republican side.

    My guess for Ness, a state senate district drawn to favor her is more likely for 2022.

    Don DeWitte’s days of representing McHenry County will be done.

  3. I did no speculating on any long term plans for the 14th or 16th congressional districts.

    I haven’t given it much thought, but Republicans are in trouble.

    My comment about succession was only about state legislature.

    Skillicorn had the opportunity to pick a candidate and refused.

    By the way, several news articles already said it would be the 15th congressional district, the seat of Shimkus that’s about to go to Miller, that would be eliminated.

    It’s a conservative, rural, downstate district in Republican control.

    Between that district going away and Davis (R) possibly losing the 13th (new poll has him down by 5), Republicans could be in a really bad spot.

  4. Well, I hope Skillicorn’s AZ move is foiled

    ……….. by his Re-election!

  5. What is the significance of all the $57,800 contributions?

    Why that exact dollar amount for so many contributors?

  6. ** Expect a district, probably containing all of McHenry County, plus most of the Kane County part of the State Rep. district to be reapportioned with her in mind.**

    Where do you get this from?

    Just because a lot of money is being spent?

    Do you also think the other 7-10 HDEM candidates with massive budgets this year are being set up for congressional runs?

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