Shunning Jack Franks in Crystal Lake

I first noticed the lack of a Jack Franks for County Board sign on Walkup coming back to Crystal Lake from the Friday food distribution by Crystal Lake’s First Church and The Chapel on Route 31 at the south edge of McHenry.

Every year, like clockwork, the owner of the property between Prairie Ridge High School and Hillside Road posts Democratic Party signs.

Democratic Party signs on Walkup Road without one for Jack Franks.

Here’s a yard on Lake Avenue within sight of the Crystal Lake Park District’s Main Beach:

Signs for Joe Biden and Sean Casten, but not Jack Franks.

Here is the yard of a Coventry Subdivision yard in Crystal Lake.

There’s no sign for Jack Franks.

This yard is owned by a Democratic Precinct Committeeman:

Four Colonies Democratic Party Precinct Committeeperson’s yard

This corner lot is across from South Elementary School:

Signs for Democratic Party legislative candidates, but not for Jack Franks.

A Wedgewood Subdivision yard has signs for Underwood, Ness and Biden, but not for Jack Franks.

Jack Franks’ sign is MIA on this Wedgewood lot.

Here is a Franks sign I have seen associated with other Democrats in Crystal Lake is the one of East Crystal Lake Avenue between Pingree Road and Route 14.

The only Jack Franks sign seen in Crystal Lake next to other Democrats’ signs.

The yard of another Democratic Precinct Committeeman in Crystal Lake displays no support for Jack Franks:

A Democratic Party Precinct Committeeperson’s signs.

The next few signs are near North Grade School and Bernotas Middle School.

Support for Vonau and Black Lives Matter, but not for Jack Franks.

Next door is this display:

Support for Vonau, Black Lives Matter and Biden, but not for Jack Franks.

In the same neighborhood this voter has every Democratic Party candidate’s sign, but Jack Franks’:

No sign for Jack Franks here.

In the same neighborhood, still another yard without a Jack Franks sign:

Vonau, Overlee and Ness, but not sign for Jack Franks.

In 2018, Jack Franks refused to endorse any of the women running for Congress in McHenry County, instead endorsing fellow millionaire Sean Casten.

Here’s a yard with a Casten sign, but none for Jack Franks:

Support for Sean Casten, but not for Jack Franks.

The yard below promotes the candidacies of Lauren Underwood and Joe Biden.

No sign for Jack Franks here.

I couldn’t read the sign behind the Biden-Harris 2020 one, so I stopped for a better view. Here’s what I saw:

“Make American Normal Again. Literally Anyone Else 2020.”

On Rockland Road I found a Franks sign with others in a home with a Little Library:

Finally, a Franks sign with ones for Underwood and Biden.

Only national contests seem to interest this voter:

No Franks sign here.

Found a Franks sign with others on the way to the Main Beach boat ramp:

Here is one of the few Crystal Lake yards with a Jack Franks sign.

Next door to the home above is another Democratic Party supporter, but notice that there is no sign for Jack Franks:

Do the neighbors disagree on Jack Franks?


Shunning Jack Franks in Crystal Lake — 9 Comments

  1. What has the Jackoo done to alienate the far left/Antifa/communists in our midst?

  2. There is another house on Walkup with the “science is real / black lives matter / love is love / women’s rights / no human is illegal”.

    Only total crackpots believe 100% in all of the identity politics crap that’s plastered there, with no ability to discern between each of those things.

    Normally a house ruled by a dumb radical feminist wacko who only can process what she learned in school between bouts of drunken parties and affirmative action gender studies classes.

    Science is so real to them that there is no such thing as gender (which is scientifically proven).

    Black lives matter so much that they won’t move into the inner-city and generally don’t even have non-white friends (they love black people as much as they can use them for something). Kindness is everything except for when you don’t agree with them, then they throw a childlike tandrum.

    Women’s rights are human rights as long as women get preferential treatment (Hint: American men have no reproductive rights… At all).

    Love is love except for the fact that they don’t really know what “love” means because they are Godless and thus worship something else (and are equating sexuality with love).

    No human is illegal because they have no concept of why there are laws to protect *them* since they’ve always taken for granted that they’ve had protection from invasion and lawlessness.

  3. Every single one of them total morons. They are just advertising where the patriots should go first when the war starts.

  4. The other sign you dont see too much of is a Trump/Pence sign….

    I found one…in the garbage can at a Cary Park, Parking lot…folded up so it would fit as if someone stole it and then dumped it there.

  5. They continue to get stolen or people simply do not display them to avoid retaliation or harassment from the people who preach “kindness” and “love”.

    Evidently this “public servant” kept stealing Trump signs so someone is alleged to have trapped it with razor blades.

    I guess that this anonymous idiot had a lot of time to go measure distances from the street in order to justify his removal of the signs from private property.

  6. A township moron told me to take down my ‘townships suck’ sign off my own property.

    I asked for his name, which he wouldn’t give.

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