About 28% of 2016 Votes Have Been Cast

The McHenry County Board meeting Tuesday was pretty mild.

Chairman Jack Franks only assumed his “I’m in control” mode once.

For the second meeting in a row, it was with Carolyn Schofield, who was seeking a parliamentary ruling concerning Franks not following Board rules by having the chairman of the committee advancing a resolution move its adoption.

Franks did not allow the Parliamentarian to speak.

This followed unanimous support for naming the State’s Attorney the Board’s Parliamentarian.

The most interesting part was a report by County Clerk Joe Tirio.

He revealed that 41,032 votes had been cast through Tuesday night.

24,443 were by mail and 16,589 in person.

That compares with 46,689 for all of 2016.

Early voting has seen people social distancing and wearing masks.

Only two people have shown up without masks.

Tirio said his staff is working six and seven days a week and that he is scanning 10,000 votes a day, but not counting them until after 7 on election night.

He continued encouraging people to vote early.

The Clerk reported that his office had mailed out about 55,000 vote by mail applications in the “first salvo,” followed by 10-12,000 subsequently.

If one has received a ballot and want to vote in person, but can’t find the unvoted ballot to turn in at the polling place, one can still vote, but provisionally.

“The provisional ballot gets sort of a bad rap,” he said.

“As long as you don’t mail your vote by mail ballot in, it will be counted.”

Board member Joe Gottemoller pointed out that about 145,000 votes were cast four years ago, so about 28% have already voted.

Asked what results could be expected on election night, Tirio explained they might not be complete, but “I think we’ll have a pretty good idea.”

In other business, a member of Jack Franks law firm was approved as Chairman of the Historical Commission.

Jack Franks leaves the room.

Franks relinquished the Chair to Mike Skala for the vote, which passed.

Mary McCann asked that information contained in the updated financial reporting system entered in the budget.

For example, the budget just shows expenditures through May, while the new system has numbers spent through September (ten months of the Fiscal Year).

She also argued that there should be n zero entries.

Doing both would “give a much improved picture of the financial situation.”

John Reinert objected to writing off county loans that were considered uncollectable.

He managed to get approval of a one month delay in the vote.

A systemic problem with viewing the Board meeting is that members, including Chairman Franks don’t get close enough to their microphones to be heard.

I had my volume all the way up and about three-quarters of those who spoke were inaudible.


About 28% of 2016 Votes Have Been Cast — 12 Comments

  1. Wuz there- I’d say it got pretty testy to say the least.

    Da Czar!

  2. Excuse Me but that is considered a CONFLICT OF INTEREST ! I Call BS!

  3. Jacko tried to silence Kearns again showing his arrogance in full display!

    Feeling the heat I suspect including his wife filing for divorce back in August.

    Why would she file in Cook County?

    Sexual Assault, Stalking charges.

    changing your vote on the ComEd dealings and I heard Jacko/family received 3 of the 6 solar farms that were given out in the state lottery under Pritzker.

    What are the chances of that happening in a statewide lottery?

    I’m sure the true statistics are staggering to receive all 3!

    Ever wonder what the payout for subsidies are on those farms?

    Franks family keeps getting richer on the taxpayer dollar!

  4. The “two” are the only people that should have been allowed to vote. All the rest are morons!

  5. The board members need to start walking out until he acts like a chairman and follows the county board rules.

    Sick of him steamrolling over people.

    He’s a jackass who thinks he’s God.

    I thought they clipped his wings?

    He’s. still flapping’ them around and hitting our representatives in the face with them!

    Why didn’t they walk out?

    Terrible abuser.

  6. Gesh, thanks for highlighting the solar farm scam.

    Franks is typical of his ilk. Dumb goyim must be fleeced and lorded over by Franks types.

  7. Why’s Tirio presiding over a disaster?

    In Lake County they never take anybody off the voter rolls unless they get notified by a county clerk that that the voter moved, and fewer and fewer clerks around the state and country even do that anymore.

    What does McHenry Clerk do?

  8. Since the cheat by mail totals are not in, how can Cal say 28% of anything but the ‘16 election?

    What’s gonna happen is that there will be precincts were 350% of the registered voters somehow voted. And all for Biden, too.

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