County Board to Eliminate Jack Franks’ Appointed Parliamentarian

The McHenry County Board is continuing the process of taking control asserted by Democratic Party Board Chairman Jack Franks at its meeting tonight at 7.

Last month, the Republican Board majority took control of the budgetary process, plus the setting of agendas and committee appointments.

Tonight there is a resolution to name the State’s Attorney as the Board’s Parliamentarian.

Franks wanted someone he could control, so hired an outside attorney.

= = = = =

The resolution passed without opposition.


County Board to Eliminate Jack Franks’ Appointed Parliamentarian — 11 Comments

  1. What is this crap!?

    Patty is deep inside of Jacko’s pockets!!

    Smoke and mirrors folks

  2. Patty Kenneally or one of his stooges?

    Danger! Danger! Danger!

  3. Gimme a break. Those fools folded like cheap suits. They should all be in public pillories for their outrageous stupidity.

  4. Jack Franks was photographed with Jay Bob and Karen Yarbrough, shown at the Proviso Democrats’ website. 😐

    Yarbrough is Proviso Township Democratic Committeeperson and Cook County Clerk. 😐

  5. No Terminator, there are a very few good County Bd members. Thorsen, Kearns ….. that’s about it!

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